Lio Rush And Buddy Murphy Argue Over Twitter, Travis Banks Confirmed For NXT UK, Lance Storm Note


Two of WWE 205 Live’s top superstars, Lio Rush and Buddy Murphy have been engaging in a back and forth argument on Twitter, potentially hinting at a feud.

Murphy told Lio Rush he is on a level beneath him, taking a shot at Rush’s infamous tweet during Emma’s WWE release, which Rush didn’t take too kindly too.

Travis Banks Confirmed For NXT UK

PROGRESS Wrestling Champion, Travis Banks has been confirmed to appear for the first set of NXT UK taping at Cambridge next weekend. The Kiwi Buzzsaw is set to be a major star for the UK brand after getting to the final during the most recent WWE UK Tournament.

Lance Storm On Trainees

WWE veteran, Lance Storm realized that he has trained the top two wrestlers of WWE’s Power Rankings, and Tyler Breeze reminded him he also trained him.