A List Of Wrestling-Related Titles Streaming On Netflix


Here is a list of all the wrestling-related content currently streaming on Netflix:

An Idiot Abroad – Season 1, Episode 3 of this tremendously funny globe-traveling series sees Ricky Gervais sending his best friend Karl Pilkington to different countries for Gervais’ amusement. Lucha star Shocker introduces Pilkington to the Lucha style.

Bad Day To Go Fishing – A slick grifter and his cohort float from town to town with the perfect pro wrestling scam — until the good people of Santa Maria turn the tables on the pair.

Bret Hart: Wrestling with Shadows – The 1998 documentary on Bret Hart and Montreal.

Christmas Bounty: WWE Studios’ holiday film starring The Miz as a bounty hunter.

Crazy Land Season 2

Dilbert – Steve Austin is among those providing voiceovers to the 1999 animated series.

Empire State – Dwayne Johnson stars. When a wannabe cop working for an armored car company tells a friend about the firm’s lax security, he gets drawn into a scheme to pull an inside job.

El Santos vs. La Tetona Mendoza – 2012 animated film starring El Santo as he battles zombies.

Falls Count Anywhere – 2012 WWE compilation of wild brawls and stipulation matches.

Fred The Movie – Nickelodeon film with John Cena in a cameo as the title character’s father.

Fred 2 – Night of the Living Fred – Sequel to Nickelodeon film with Cena back as Fred’s Dad, including a wrestling sequence.

Fred 3: Camp Fred. Fred goes to summer camp and needs the advice of his father John Cena.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation – The Rock joins the franchise as Roadblock, fighting to take the United States back from Cobra in this 2012 sequel.

GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Very good 2012 documentary on the first women’s professional wrestling TV series.

How I Met Your Mother – Season 5, Episode 12 features Stacy Keibler as a hot bartender who becomes the object of desire for the show’s resident womanizer, Barney.

I Am Santa Claus – Great 2014 documentary looking at those who portray Santa Claus and their real lives, including WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who also produced.

Knockout – Steve Austin stars in this 2011 boxing drama spun off from Karate Kid DNA, as a school janitor who turns out to be a former boxing champion that becomes the trainer for a would be High School boxing star.

Lipstick & Dynamite – Ruth Leitman’s excellent 2004 documentary on the pioneers of women’s professional wrestling.

Mansome – Morgan Spurlock’s 2012 documentary on make grooming, featuring a number of pro wrestlers, including Colt Cabana, Shawn Daivari and more.

Maximum Conviction – Steve Austin and Steven Seagal are all that stands between the mob and a prison they are in the process of shutting down in this 2012 action film.

Nacho Libre – Jack Black’s 2006 Lucha Libre comedy.

No Holds Barred – WWE’s first film, starring Hulk Hogan as WWF champion Rip, who must fend off an evil Network wanting his services as well as the unstoppable beast known as Zeus. Lots of wrestler cameos, including Bill Eadie and Stan Hansen, among others in this 1989 cult classic.

Pain and Gain – Dwayne Johnson appears on this comedy based on a real-life kidnapping alongside Mark Wahlburg.

Queens of the Ring – French-language comedy about mom trying to get closer to her son by becoming a WWE Diva. CM Punk, Miz and Eve Torres cameo in this WWE Studios film.

Running Man – Prof. Toru Tanaka and Jesse Ventura appear in this 1987 action film classic.

30 Rock – Mick Foley as Mankind appears in the 2012 season episode, “The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell”

Self Storage – Tommy Dreamer is featured in this 2013 horror film set at a self storage business.

Super Mario Bros. Supershow – 80s cartoon series starring the late Captain Lou Albano as Mario.

Tactical Force – Steve Austin stars as “Tate” of the LAPD’s Tactical Force, who end up trapped in the middle of a battle between rival gangs while on a training exercise with no active weapons in this 2011 film co-starring Michael Shanks of “Stargate” fame.

That’s What I Am – WWE Studios’ best reviewed film to date, the 60s period drama looks at tolerance. Randy Orton is very good in his supporting role. By far, this 2011 release has the most soul and quality writing of any WWE film and is worth checking out.

The Encounter – Sting is one of the stars of this faith based drama – “When five strangers come together at an eatery, they meet the owner, who seems to know everything about them and is reminiscent of Jesus Christ.”

2-Headed Shark Attack – Brooke Hogan is the lead female in this 2012 B horror flick about a two headed shark eating college students.

3 Ninjas High Noon at Mega Mountain. Hulk Hogan joins the 3 Ninjas franchise.

Ultimate Weapon – Hulk Hogan stars in this 1998 action movie.

Wrestling For Jesus – The Tale of T Money. This 2011 documentary 2011 focuses on a man from rural South Carolina who tries to find solace from the demons of his past by starting a Christian-faith wrestling promotion.

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