WWE SummerSlam Report – 8/18/2013


– We’re live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles as Josh Mathews welcomes us to the SummerSlam Kickoff pre-show. Fans are still filing into the arena as Mathews hypes tonight’s card. Mathews is joined by Booker T, Shawn Michaels and Vickie Guerrero. HBK says not much brings him out of his house in Texas but SummerSlam in LA does it.

HBK is most looking forward to Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena. Booker is looking forward to Kane vs. Bray Wyatt the most. Vickie is looking forward to Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio. HBK talks about how Bray has an uphill battle and says we will find out what he’s made of. Mathews talks about Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose for the United States Title and we see how RVD earned the shot. The panelists talk about The Shield and Rob Van Dam returning to WWE.

– We go back to the social media command center with Renee Young. She wants fans to send in their tweets, touts and everything else.

– We get a video for CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar.

– Mathews goes live to Paul Heyman, who is backstage. Heyman talks about the match and compares it to David vs. Goliath. Heyman announces the match will now be under no DQ rules and both men have agreed to it.

– We go to Tony Dawson who was interviewing fans from overseas outside of the arena.

– They air a promo for Total Divas.

– The panelists talk about tonight’s Brie Bella vs. Natalya match. We get a video for AJ Lee and Big E Langston vs. Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler.

– More from Renee Young in the social media command center.

– We get a promo for Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena. HBK says Bryan has what it takes to become WWE Champion. He says he respects Cena but he’s bias, he’s rooting for Bryan. Booker says it’s perfect timing for Bryan to step in and become WWE Champion. HBK says if it’s not tonight, Bryan’s time will come. Vickie says she doesn’t trust Triple H when it comes to being special referee.

– We get another Doritos Jacked promo before going back out to Tony Dawson interviewing fans outside of the arena.

– We go to ringside where Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler are getting ready. We’re just under 30 minutes away as the announcers hype tonight’s card.

WWE United States Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose

We go to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose. Out next comes Rob Van Dam as fans are still finding their seats.

They lock up and go at it. Ambrose drops RVD first and the fans boo. Ambrose acts cocky and mocks RVD. More boos from the fans. They lock up again and Ambrose takes RVD to the mat. They trade holds and RVD drops Ambrose with a shoulder and then a big kick. RVD does the shoulder point in Ambrose’s face and the fans chant along with him. More back and forth. RVD with a big clothesline and another takedown into a headlock.

Ambrose takes RVD to the corner but he turns it around. RVD with forearm shots. RVD runs into a big knee in the corner and goes down. Ambrose takes his time and covers for a 2 count. Ambrose with a neckbreaker and another pin attempt. Ambrose keeps RVD on the mat as the fans chant for him. Ambrose with a double dropkick to the chest and more trash talking. 2 count by Ambrose. RVD comes back with a pair of clotheslines and a super kick. RVD with a crossbody for 2. Back and forth in the corner. RVD slams Ambrose and goes for the split legged moonsault but Ambrose gets his knees up. Ambrose with a clothesline and a 2 count.

RVD comes back with more offense and goes to the top for the frogsplash. The Shield music hits and here comes Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns through the crowd. Ambrose rolls out to the floor. Mark Henry’s music hits and here he comes to join RVD. Big Show’s music hits next and here he comes. We cut to a WWE 2K14 promo.

The match is back on as Show and Henry are outside of the ring as well as Rollins and Reigns. Ambrose with a 2 count. Ambrose with another hold, keeping RVD grounded. RVD gets tossed to the floor. Show and Henry make sure Rollins and Reigns leave RVD alone. Ambrose comes out but RVD counters with a suplex on the floor. RVD drops Ambrose on top of the barrier and goes to the apron. RVD does the shoulder point and hits a big kick from the apron to Ambrose on the barrier. RVD brings Ambrose back in and goes to the top with a senton for a close 2 count. Reigns pulls RVD’s leg as he runs the ropes. Ambrose tries to attack from behind but RVD pins him with a unique pin for a 2 count. Ambrose with a big spinebuster for 2. Ambrose with more offense. He goes to the top and comes crashing down but RVD moves. RVD goes for the frogsplash but goes to kick Rollins on the apron instead. Ambrose rolls RVD up from behind for a close 2 count. Ambrose runs into an elbow in the corner. RVD with more offense and Rolling Thunder. RVD nails the frogsplash but Reigns spears him for the DQ.

Winner by DQ: Rob Van Dam

– After the match, Show and Henry hit the ring but The Shield escapes through the crowd.

– The panelists talk about the match. HBK says RVD isn’t done and has his eye on the United States Title. Vickie is leaving the panel to go get ready for tonight.

– We go back to Renee Young at the social media command center.

– We see construction crews and members of the Los Angeles Fire Department setting up for the Ring of Fire match. We get a promo for Kane vs. Bray Wyatt.

– We’re live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles as SummerSlam host The Miz kicks off the pay-per-view. Summer Rae and Fandango end up coming out to dance on the stage as Miz welcomes us. We go to an opening promo video.

– The announcers welcome us to SummerSlam now. Lilian Garcia introduces Jo Jo from Total Divas. She sings the National Anthem.

Ring of Fire Match: Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

We go to the ring and out first comes Kane for tonight’s opener. We see the railing going around the ring apron that flames will soon shoot from. The lights go out, the lantern is lit and out comes The Wyatt Family – Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

The lights come on and Kane watches as Bray gets up from his rocking chair. Rowan and Harper look on. Bray enters the ring, the bell rings and the flames start up around the ring. There’s also a red lighting from above. They lock up and Kane takes Wyatt to the corner and unloads on him. Kane takes Wyatt from corner to corner and hits a big right hand. Wyatt hits the mat and the flames jump up. Rowan and Harper go towards the ring but the flames go up again and they back off. Wyatt turns it around and works Kane over now.

Kane turns it around and slams Wyatt, making the flames rise again. Kane keeps control and hits a low dropkick. Kane misses in the corner and Wyatt splashes him. Wyatt takes Kane down with a flying shoulder. Wyatt poses and the fans cheer. Wyatt with a kick to the head before mounting Kane with right hands. We see firemen at ringside just in case something happens. Wyatt yells at Kane as he works him over with kicks. Kane grabs him for a chokeslam but Wyatt fights him off. Kane nails a big boot. Kane with a splash in the corner and a clothesline. Kane with a sidewalk slam. Bray turns it around and takes Kane down. Rowan tries to hand Bray a kendo stick but the flames keep rising, keeping him away. A fireman has to extinguish the kendo stick after it catches fire. Kane comes from behind and takes back control. Harper sprays the extinguisher at the flames on the ring but almost gets burned. Kane grabs Bray for a chokeslam and nails it, causing the flames to rise again.

Kane takes his time and drops Wyatt again. Rowan and Harper cover the flames with some kind of cloth and then use steel steps to get in the ring. The Wyatt Family beats Kane down as Bray recovers. Harper nails a big clothesline and Harper follows up with a splash. They help Bray up and he poses with his arms out. Bray taunts Kane as they hold him. Bray kisses Kane on the forehead and nails his finisher, causing the flames to rise. Bray covers for the pin.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

– After the match, the lights come on and Bray poses over Kane. They leave the ring and we go to replays. Bray takes a seat in his rocking chair at ringside. Rowan and Harper have pulled steel steps in front of him. They lay Kane face down on the steps in front of Bray. They grab the other half of the steps and Bray talks trash to Kane before instructing them to drop the steps over his head. Bray lights his lantern, the lights go out and his music hits. Bray leads the way as Rowan and Harper bring an unconscious Kane with them.

– We get a WWE 2K14 promo before going to the panel – Josh Mathews, Shawn Michaels, Booker T and Vickie Guerrero. They talk about the Ring of Fire match.

– The announcers talk about CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar. We see footage from the pre-show where Paul Heyman revealed the No DQ stipulation.

Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes

We go to the ring and out comes Damien Sandow with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Sandow cuts a promo on the way to the ring and says Cody has been his sidekick. Sandow will send Cody back to where he came from, to his family of carnival clowns. Out next comes Cody Rhodes.

Cody is no longer sporting his mustache. They lock up and go at it. Cody with offense in the corner to start. Sandow turns it around and fires back. Cody drops him with a right hand. Cody with a big back drop and a front suplex for a 2 count. Cody ends up on the floor and Sandow rams him back into the apron. Sandow brings it in and works Cody over. Sandow with a suplex for a 2 count. Cody fights back and goes for Cross Rhodes but it’s countered. Sandow with knees to the face. Sandow with the side Russian leg sweep. He goes for the Elbow of Disdain and nails it for a 2 count.

Sandow with a nice submission but Cody breaks it. Sandow goes right back to work and rubs Cody’s face into the mat. Sandow goes to the top but Cody cuts him off. Cody with headbutts. Cody nails a musclebuster and covers for a 2 count. They end up on the apron and Cody hits an elbow to the head. Cody springboards in with a missile dropkick. Sandow ducks a Disaster Kick and drops Cody into the second rope. Sandow with a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count. Cody with a roll up for 2. Cody nails the Disaster Kick but Sandow kicks out at 2. Sandow moves and Cody runs into the ring post. Sandow with a roll up for 2. More back and forth. Cody nails Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

– After the match, Cody celebrates as Sandow crawls to and clutches his briefcase. We go to replays.

– We get a look back at Christian’s career.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

We go to the ring and out first comes Christian to a nice reaction. Out next comes World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio.

Lilian Garcia does official ring introductions but Del Rio cuts her off before his. Del Rio insists he be introduced in Spanish and there’s a pop from the crowd. They lock up and Del Rio takes it to the corner before backing off. Del Rio with a big right hand as he beats Christian to the mat. Del Rio with a headlock now. Christian fights out but Del Rio drops him with a shoulder. Christian fights out and sends Del Rio out to the floor. Christian charges with a baseball slide but Del Rio moves and runs back in the ring. Christian comes back in and drops Del Rio over the ropes. More back and forth. Christian cuts Del Rio off on the top and climbs up. Del Rio turns it around and runs up with a huge kick to the side of the head. Christian hangs upside down in the corner and Del Rio starts kicking.

They go back to the floor and Del Rio sends Christian shoulder first into the barrier. Del Rio with a 2 count now. Christian fights to his feet but Del Rio takes him back down. Del Rio focuses on the arm and shoulder now. They go back in the ring and Del Rio stomps Christian’s shoulder from the second rope. Del Rio with a 2 count. Del Rio with a dropkick to the shoulder. Christian ends up pulling the rope and Del Rio lands out on the floor. Christian leaps out and crashes into Del Rio. They come back in and trade shots. Del Rio drops Christian and stomps on the arm some more. Del Rio takes his time and taunts Christian. He comes off the second rope but Christian gets his boot up. Christian looks for a comeback and nails a right hand. Christian with a missile dropkick from the corner. Christian climbs Del Rio in the counter and nails a bunch of right hands. Del Rio misses an enziguri and Christian nails a crossbody for 2.

More back and forth. Del Rio blocks Killswitch and eventually nails a Backstabber for a close 2 count. Del Rio is frustrated now. Christian pulls him in for a quick roll up and a 2 count. Del Rio nails an enziguri and covers for 2. Christian with a flying elbow. Del Rio blocks Killswitch again and rams Christian into the corner with shoulder thrusts. Del Rio takes Christian to the top. Christian tries to powerbomb Del Rio out of the corner but Del Rio drops him with a punch to the face. Christian ends up nailing a super hurricanrana from the top for a 2 count. Christian goes for a spear but Del Rio dropkicks him in the face for a close 2 count. Del Rio goes for the cross armbreaker but it’s blocked. Christian with the big right hand from the floor. He comes back in but Del Rio super kicks him for a 2 count. Fans chant “this is awesome” as Del Rio readies for another kick. Christian ducks and rolls Del Rio up for 2. Christian nails a spear but his shoulder is hurting him. Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker. Christian tries to fight out but Del Rio tightens it and Christian taps out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

– After the match, Renee Young interviews Del Rio in the ring and asks if he’s proud of his victory. Del Rio says it’s a great night because he’s still our champion. Del Rio gets a pop when saying he’s the one representing Latinos. Del Rio says the Mexican people need someone to look up to, someone to tell them everything will be just fine when they are down. Del Rio says he is that person. He drops the mic and raises the World Heavyweight Title as his music plays.

– The Miz is backstage with Maria Menounos talking about her Axxess match. Fandango and Summer Rae appear and dance. This leads to Maria and Miz dancing away together.

– We get a promo for Total Divas.

Natalya vs. Brie Bella

We go to the ring and out comes Natalya with Cameron and Naomi. Out next comes The Bella Twins with Eva Marie.

Natalya strikes first and they go at it. Lots of back and forth. More trash talking. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter early on but Brie is pulled to safety. Natalya brings her back in the ring but gets caught coming in. Nikki Bella pulls Natalya face first on the apron. Brie kicks Natalya out to the floor. A chant for JBL starts up in the crowd. Brie brings it back in the ring and hits a pair of leg drops. More back and forth. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter again and locks it in. Brie breaks out and sends Natalya into the corner. Eva Marie and Nikki get involved, bringing Cameron and Naomi over for a fight. Brie slams Natalya’s face into the mat and taunts her.

Natalya overpowers but Brie cuts her off again. Natalya goes on and locks in the Sharpshooter one more time. Brie taps out to end the match.

Winner: Natalya

– We see another backstage segment with Ryback bullying a catering worker. Ryback doesn’t like cold soup but it’s supposed to be cold. Ryback ends up dumping the soup down in the guys shirt. Ryback laughs at him and says he’s like a three year old. Ryback dumps a whole pot of soup on his head and calls him a moron.

– We get a promo for CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar.

No DQ Match: CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

We go to the ring and out first comes Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman. Out next comes CM Punk.

The bell rings and they go at it. Lesnar with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Punk tries to fight but Lesnar starts beating on him. Lesnar tosses Punk from one corner to another and keeps stomping and pounding. Punk fights back but Lesnar catches a kick. Punk charges but Lesnar catches him and rams him back in the corner. Lesnar puts the boot to Punk down in the corner now. Lesnar talks trash and says this is his house. Punk with a kick and a high knee and Lesnar finally goes down. Punk with another high knee to send Lesnar to the floor. Punk nails a suicide dive and both are down on the floor. Fans chant for Punk now.

Punk tries to use the steel steps but Lesnar runs into them and it sends Punk to the floor. Lesnar gets driven face first into the ring post. Punk climbs to the top and leaps out on the floor, taking out Lesnar again. Punk with more offense on the floor. Punk stalks Paul Heyman now, causing him to trip and fall. Lesnar attacks from behind and saves Heyman. Lesnar tosses Punk across the announcers table. Lesnar tosses Punk again and the corner of a TV monitor hits him in the back. Lesnar throws parts of the table on Punk and stomps on it. Lesnar with a big overhead throw on the floor. Lesnar mocks Punk. Lesnar brings it back in the ring. Punk fights back with kicks to the legs. Lesnar drops him with one shot.

Lesnar with a big bearhug now. Punk fights out with elbows but Lesnar cuts him off with a big knee to the gut. Heyman yells at Punk to stay down. Lesnar with more punishment for Punk. Punk tries to fight out of a hold with back elbows and he does. Punk drops Lesnar to one knee and goes to the top. Punk comes flying but Lesnar catches him in mid-air and nails a huge throw. Lesnar scoops Punk and drops his ribs over his knees. Lesnar slams Punk and goes for a pin but Punk keeps kicking out. Punk fights back and starts biting Lesnar’s ear it looks like. Punk with more kicks. Punk with forearm shots. Lesnar stumbles around dazed. Punk comes off the top rope with a flying knee and Lesnar goes down.

Punk nails a high knee in the corner. Another high knee. Lesnar blocks the third high knee and scoops Punk for a F5. Punk slides out and nails a roundhouse kick. Punk goes to the top and nails the flying elbow. 2 count for Punk. Punk calls for a GTS. He scoops Lesnar but Lesnar slides out. Punk slides out of a F5 and nails another roundhouse kick to send Lesnar down. Punk struggles to scoop Lesnar for a GTS but gets him up. Lesnar blocks the GTS and turns it into the kimura lock. Lesnar takes the hold to the mat and locks it in. Punk counters it and applies an armbar. Lesnar tries to turn it around but Punk gets him in a triangle. Heyman screams as Lesnar powers up and nails a big powerbomb but Punk still has the triangle applied when they hit the mat. Lesnar struggles not to tap and finally breaks the triangle. Lesnar goes for another powerbomb but Punk hits elbows while up in the air. Lesnar runs and finally hits the big powerbomb.

Lesnar with big suplexes now. He puts a forearm in Punk’s face and covers for another 2 count. Lesnar goes outside the ring and grabs a chair. He turns around to Punk flying off the top. Lesnar gets the chair up and they both get hit. Punk grabs the chair and smacks Lesnar in the back a few times. They come back in the ring. Lesnar catches a chairshot and Punk falls down. Lesnar swings the chair but Punk nails a low blow. Punk goes to the top with the chair in hand. Punk hits the flying elbow with the chair under his arm, smacking Lesnar in the face. Lesnar kicks out at 2. Punk gets up and nails chairshots to the back. Heyman gets on the apron and Punk goes for him. Lesnar makes the save and goes for a F5 but Punk has Heyman by his tie. The F5 is broken and Punk nails a GTS but Heyman breaks the pin right before the 3 count. Punk looks crazily at Heyman and goes after him. Punk comes back in but Lesnar goes for a F5. Punk counters in mid-move and hits a DDT for a close 2 count. Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice. Heyman comes in with a chair and Punk breaks the Vice. Punk steps on the chair and looks down at Heyman. Punk grabs Heyman by his face and nails him with a big right hand. Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice on Heyman now. Lesnar comes over with a big chairshot on Punk. Lesnar with another big chairshot. Lesnar scoops Punk for the F5 and nails it on top of the steel chair for the win.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

– After the match, Lesnar checks on Heyman and grabs the steel chair before we get replays. We come back, Lesnar and Heyman are stumbling up the apron while Punk tries to recover in the ring. Punk gets to his feet and the fans cheer for him. Punk’s music hits as he goes to the back.

– We see a video from Axxess where a fan took a splash from Mark Henry and won free tickets to tonight’s pay-per-view. The fan and his three friends are sitting at ringside for this next match.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston and AJ Lee

We go to the ring and out first comes Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is out next followed by Big E Langston.

Big E and Dolph start out. Dolph with an early dropkick for a pin attempt. Big E comes back with a belly-to-belly. Big E runs the ropes and nails a splash for a 2 count. Big E with an abdominal stretch and shots to the ribs now. Big E tosses Dolph to the mat and holds him so AJ can slap him in the face. Dolph comes with a dropkick out of nowhere. AJ and Kaitlyn tag in now. Kaitlyn slams AJ back in the corner and clotheslines her. Kaitlyn with a backbreaker. AJ with a spinning kick for a 2 count.

AJ keeps Kaitlyn on the mat now. Kaitlyn fights out but AJ takes her back down with an elbow for a 2 count. AJ with a pair of neckbreakers. AJ skips around and taunts Ziggler now. AJ jumps on Kaitlyn’s back with a sleeper. Big E and Dolph come back in. Ziggler with a dropkick and a neckbreaker. Ziggler drops a bunch of elbows now. Ziggler with a 2 count. Big E comes back with a knee to the head and a 2 count as Kaitlyn breaks the pin. AJ comes and kicks Kaitlyn out of the ring. Big E tosses Ziggler into the corner and nails a big spear. Big E misses the second spear and hits the ring post. AJ grabs Dolph’s leg. Kaitlyn makes the save and hits a spear on the floor. Big E takes advantage of the distraction and drops Ziggler for a 2 count. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Ziggler slides out. Ziggler hits a Zig Zag for the win.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn

– After the match, we get replays. We come back and Ziggler raises Kaitlyn’s hand in celebration.

– We go backstage to SummerSlam host The Miz. Fandango and Summer Rae come dancing in again. I believe Miz lays Fandango out.

– We go back to the panelists. HBK predicts Bryan will win. Vickie and Booker also pick Bryan to win. HBK says it has been a phenomenal show and thanks them for the Punk vs. Lesnar match.

– They air one last promo for tonight’s main event.

WWE Title Match: Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

We go to the ring and out first comes tonight’s special referee, Triple H. Daniel Bryan is out next to a big pop from the crowd. Out next comes WWE Champion John Cena to a mixed reaction. We get official ring introductions before the bell.

They lock up and Bryan grabs the arm. They trade holds and Cena takes Bryan down with a headlock. They trade holds again before locking back up. They lock up and Cena takes Bryan to the mat with 1 counts. Bryan bridges and Cena keeps him down. More back and forth. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock early on and Cena slides out to the floor. Cena whispers to the ringside doctor about his elbow. Cena comes back in and applies another headlock as some fans boo. Another headlock takedown. They run the ropes and Cena catches Bryan and pins him for 2. They trade more holds and pin attempts here.

Bryan goes for the surfboard submission but Cena fights out. Cena looks to go for an Attitude Adjustment but Bryan grabs the rope and lands on the apron. Cena runs the ropes and sends Bryan flying into the announcers table. Bryan hits hard and fans boo Cena. A “you can’t wrestle” chant starts up. Bryan sends Cena into the steel steps. Bryan goes for a suplex off the top of the steel steps but Cena DDT’s him on the floor. A “you still suck” chant starts now. They come back in the ring and Cena overpowers Bryan. Cena with more offense and a powerbomb. Cena covers for a 2 count. Cena with another headlock on the mat. Bryan fights up and out with forearm shots. Fans chant yes as Bryan unloads on Cena in the corner. Cena tries to come back but Bryan hits a clothesline off the ropes. Bryan with kicks to the chest while Cena is on his knees now.

Cena ducks the last kick and hits a shoulder tackle. Cena with some of his usual moves. Bryan kicks him and blocks the Five Knuckle Shuffle. More back and forth. Cena comes back with a big slam and this time hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Bryan lands on one of his feet out of an Attitude Adjustment. He hits Cena in the chin and he goes down. Bryan goes to the top and nails a missile dropkick for a 2 count. Cena has a nice shiner popping up now. Bryan with kicks to the arm. Bryan yells at Cena to get up, then hits him with more kicks. Bryan works on the injured elbow now. Bryan with more big kicks to Cena and more yelling to get up. Cena counters and goes for a STF. Bryan blocks it and applies Cena’s own hold on him. Bryan pulls Cena back from the rope but isntead nails a back suplex for 2. Bryan with another German for another 2 count. Cena goes for another AA but Bryan slides out and applies the Yes Lock.

Cena gets out and we get the dueling chants from the crowd. Bryan with another submission that brings Cena back to the mat. Cena powers to his feet and rams Bryan back into the corner. Bryan is still hanging on with the move locked in. Cena breaks it by flipping Bryan back into the corner. Cena goes for an AA and nails it out of nowhere. Bryan kicks out at 2. Cena goes to the top as the fans boo him. Bryan cuts him off and climbs up. Cena shoves him off to the mat. Bryan runs back up and decks Cena but Cena shoves him right back to the mat. Bryan runs up and dropkicks Cena this time. Cena is still sitting on the top. Bryan climbs back up and hits a superplex. Bryan hangs on to the corner and starts powering up. He did that not to absorb the impact of the superplex. Bryan stands up on the top and nails the big headbutt for a 2 count. Cena rolls out to the floor. Bryan runs the ropes for a suicide dive but Cena knocks him out of mid-air with a forearm shot. Cena climbs to the top and nails the big leg drop for another 2 count.

They’re back on the top together now. Cena goes for an AA off the second rope but Bryan fights back with elbows to the neck as fans chant yes. Bryan goes for a super hurricanrana but Cena catches him. Cena looks to fall from the ropes and drops Bryan on his head. Cena stumbles with Bryan still upside down in that position. Cena drops and applies the STF. They trade holds on the mat now but break once they get to the ropes. Triple H looks to call for a doctor but Cena waves him off. Bryan with missile dropkicks in the corner. The third one is met with a massive clothesline that turns Btyan upside down. More back and forth now. They trade rights and lefts before colliding in mid-air with forearm shots. They both get up and Cena slaps Bryan, telling him to bring it. Bryan slaps back. Cena slaps back. They trade a ton of slaps to the face. Bryan unloads and Cena backs off. Cena catches Bryan coming off the top and looks to go for an AA but can’t get him up right. Cena just slams Bryan to the mat. Bryan comes back and climbs to the top but Cena catches him in mid-air. Cena says it’s over but Bryan blocks the AA and drops Cena for a 2 count. Bryan with a huge kick to the head. Bryan nails a flying knee to the face for the win and the WWE Title.

Winner and New WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

– After the match, Cena and Bryan meet in the middle of the ring. Cena says something and extends his hand to Bryan for a shake. Cena also shakes hands with Triple H. Cena can’t believe that Bryan has the WWE Title belt but heads out of the ring. Bryan’s music hits and Triple H raises his arm. Confetti starts to fall as Bryan celebrates. Pyro goes off and the “yes” chants continue. Randy Orton’s music hits and out he comes.

Orton comes out and stares at Bryan from the floor. Bryan readies for a fight but Orton turns around and walks up the ramp. Bryan starts his celebration up again and Orton stops. Orton turns back around. Triple H nails Bryan with a Pedigree. Orton marches back to the ring and cashes in his briefcase to Triple H.

WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

Triple H has the bell rang. Orton drops down, covers Bryan and wins the WWE Title.

Winner and New WWE Champion: Randy Orton

– After the big win, Orton celebrates to end SummerSlam.

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  1. You know what? Kudos to the music department for changing up that terrible SummerSlam theme song from a Caribbean lax track to a more energetic summer rock song! Good work WWE!

  2. Who had won the US Title match between Dean Ambrose and RVD? I was watching the match until my computer screen went blank on me. I will appreciate if anyone could tell me who had won? Thank you.

    • what does that movie have to do with the match, and see no evil 1 was the only good movie wwe made. but anyways his name is BRAY WYATT! and he was suppose to get beat but win thats how fighting a monster works.


        • why is bray wyatt not a believable monster there are diffrent types of monster my freind. real ones lol believe it or not when you walk down the street you might look a monster right in the eye. AND OF COURSE THEY CHEATED BRAY WYATTS IS A HEEL AND KANE IS A FACE WHOS BIGGER SO WHY WOULDnt HE KILL WYATT.


          btw bray wyatt is like 63 64 and like 260 hes not small lol

          • This is absurd… lower your retarded caps, you idiot… Wyatt IS a believable monster and this will play itself out in time. So you are right about that.

          • how Is wyatt a believable monster you never saw kane back off from the fire once and his wrestling skills sucked even more he is a disgrace to his father and uncle and for his size so what 6’3/6’4 big deal rey mysterio would of did better heck heath slater would of did better in the ring and back to the monster thing the other 2 guys where more monsters then Husky Harris or bray wyatt whatever you want to call him do not see this wyatt family thing lasting no more then a year year and a half at the most

  3. Isn’t WWE trying to promote ANTI bullying? I’ve never liked that Ryback one bit, but that just made me dislike him even more. Great anti bullying segment.

  4. christian didnt win, rvd didnt win, punk didnt win… DANIEL BETTER WIN. punk losing waS a bad idea he needs to cover the loss to taker to build him back up , brock has enough build up ,what now there gonna face each other again in 6 months at mania..long wait

    • Why because Punk should win every single match. Punk can handle a losing streak look at cena in the 2012 year I am so happy the ending of the show. You actually think Christian deserves to win. and RVD won he just didn’t get the title. Its been a awesome Summerslam.

      • its not that he should win every match but he is one of wwe top star if not the top star so he should beat a guy who appears every 6 months.

        and hell yes christian has yet to get a good world title run.

        and i wanted rvd to get the wwe us title cause he hadnt won it yet and ambrose reign is pointless well hes in the shield.

        and im pretty positive dude but it was an ok summerslam the matches were good but everything was very played out most people knew the results of every match. there were good matches though

        • No, no, no. Christian needs to be sitting at home, unprettying himself or something… He’s never been more than a poor man’s Edge. I kinda wanted RVD to win the US title… but then again, why? Ambrose is far more talented and will be around a LOT longer.

  5. When is the last time we had a WWE PPV where not a single baby face really won in any of the main matches? RVD didn’t win the title, Christian lost, CM Punk lost, Daniel Bryan basically lost, I guess the only real win for a face was Cody Rhodes tonight. It was a great PPV but kinda of let down that they didn’t let any of the fan favorites win.

  6. I’m glad I didn’t watch SummerSpam. What a disappointing ending. Fortunately, I had other obligations today, which proved to be the better option anyway.

  7. Overall this years Summerslam was good. The good: cm punk vs lesnar delivered as expected, and the result was the only logical choice as it sets up the rematch and punk looses nothing with this loss, lesnar looks like a bad ass and heyman is more hated. perfect outcome. Del Rio vs Christian was even better then the tv matches they have had recently, But WWE really needs to give Christian his old 2004-2005 Captain Charisma character and music back and get rid of the one more match thing they are having him do now. Cenuts vs Brian was a good way to end the show, back and forth action and it really shows that Cenuts can put on a good match when put with a good wrestler. Hopefully he will be gone from tv so that Brian and the new ” Corporate Champion ” Orton can fight for the tittle.

    • ya christian is like a robot now he reads from a script and does his entrance like a video game always the same every movement lol he also hes to start say CAUSE THATS HOW I ROLL! that was an awesome catchphrase

      • F***’n Christian is flatter than a washboard… there’s nothing to him. My ex girlfriend used to complain that he had no ass… He has NO TALENT! Shutup about him, he’s undercard material!

        • I wouldn’t go as far as to say he has no talent. He’s very good in the ring and can handle himself on the mic too.

          I agree he shouldn’t have the title though, he needs to be in a Chris Jericho like role. He’s well respected and should be putting over some of the younger guys, just not Alberto Del Rio because he SUCKS!!

    • The tittle? Hm. No. Christian needs to be forced to retire. You call Orton a corporate champion now? This is not the direction WWE should be going in. But hey Orton got what he wanted TIMES TWO now… the WWE title and a heel turn.

  8. i didnt watch this cause besides triple h going heel that ending was pretty clear….lame daniel better win the title after all this hhh orton faction storyline.

    • Finally something I agree with you on. FINALLY! Yes. Bryan-Punk at Wrestlemania is not a distant constellation away, and I hope it comes to fruition!

  9. and for all those dissing ryback!! GOOD JOB. guys so lame and now hes kinda ripping austin with the light blue jean and the vest with letters across it and hes picking on staff…

  10. also are they going to give the briefcase to cody cause sandow hasnt won a title yet in wwe, where cody is a 2 time ic champ and 4 time tag champ, i like sandow but his first title the world title if he even is at that level of course wwe thought swagger was..almost twice

    • Let’s see. Which pair of blinders are you wearing? The blind ones or the stupid ones??? THERE WAS NO BRIEFCASE ON THE LINE IN THAT MATCH. What does that tell you?

  11. So here we go… ratched out my ratings on my iPad for each match from the PPV as follows…

    Ambrose vs RVD – 7/10… why the Shield getting involved? They were supposed to have a tag team title match… maybe it’s true they’re getting knocked down a notch after all…

    Kane vs Wyatt – 6.5/10… Rowan and Harper did most of the work… Wyatt was getting his ass handed to him! Flames needed to be more impressive than they were… Kane hauled off by the Family at the end tells me that Kane has become a part of the Family! Interesting.

    Sandow vs Rhodes – 7/10… Not a big Rhodes fan, MUCH bigger fan of Sandow – GREAT heel! Rhodes shouldn’t have won. He’s stuck in midcard-dom even with that win.

    Christian vs ADR – 8.5/10… Hey, as much as I don’t like these guys, they put on one heck of a match! Christian needs to just go away and ADR (hopefully) loses the world title after scuffling with the Scottish girl (Drew McInloser) backstage.

    Natalya vs Brie Bella – 6/10… Typical diva match… 6/10 is the best they ever get… I do think Nattie is hot though.

    CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar…9/10. Of course, Lesnar probably wouldn’t have had his pompous ass back in WWE if he wasn’t granted a win in every match he had. Punk was awesome as usual. There are much greater talents than Lesnar. Crowd was ruckus for this match!

    Ziggler/Kaitlyn vs Langston/AJ… 7.5/10… I’ve always been a huge fan of Dolph’s intensity in the ring. He’s a showman with a brain, and he’s really getting duped from what I see. Langston looked dominant a few times in the match. This match is out of sequence because it’s on either side of the card’s main event matches… The things that make you say, “WTF?!” Seriously…

    Cena vs Bryan… 9.5/10. Got just what I wanted to see out of Bryan in this one – he tried every submission maneuver on Cena he could place on him. But it looked like an insincere match in a few cases, where Cena was just playing weak so Bryan could handle him better… WTF was that botch where Bryan almost crushed his neck because of Cena off the ropes?!? Bryan’s win was incredible, but what happened afterwards makes me wonder what the hell WWE is thinking… We all feared Orton would be advantageous after the match to pin Bryan with HHH turning on him. That’s good for a -3/10.

    Overall… 61/80 = 76.25/100 (Grade: C)

    MINUS 3/10 for the ending…

    73.25/100 (C-).

  12. Summerslam was pretty good in my opinion. Even though I had a few major issues with the show.

    Dean Ambrose and RVD put on a good match, though in my opinion Dean Ambrose may be the best talker in the Shield with the best persona but I need to see more of Seth Rollins. He’s the most talented “wrestler” in the group. Terrible ending to the match though.

    Why push Bray Wyatt when you’re going to have him get manhandled the entire match? That was absolutely terrible.

    Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow delivered a good match, me being a Cody Rhodes fan I enjoyed the outcome. Hopefully He get’s a title shot at some point. Preferably within the timeframe of the possibility of a WHC match between the two at either the next PPV or the one after.

    Del Rio sucks, I’m sorry to say it but get him out of here. Captain Charisma vs Cody Rhodes could have been an awesome title match.

    Natalya vs. Brie Bella was good… if only for all the eye candy floating around the ring and at ringside… Especially Eva Marie and all her fiery hotness.

    Brock Lesnar and CM punk had a great match. Even though I think they hurt the image of Brock being the Beast Incarnate due to him having to have Heymans help to win. Though Lesnar saved face at the end with an absolutely dominating final couple minutes.

    Dolph Ziggler is the best athlete WWE has to offer, hands down. Theres only one other WWE superstar that can match his pace and that’s Daniel Bryan. Big E Langston continues to impress me with his speed and agility for a guy his size. He could be a major player in the WWE’s future. The ending was to be expected but I’m still glad I got some time with my favorite piece of eye candy Kaitlyn. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Just saying.

    In my opinion the match of the night was Daniel Bryan vs John Cena. I don’t know what it is but John Cena occasionally has an amazing match and this was one of them. It must be due to restrictions they put on him in an attempt to keep him healthy. I always hear the chants of “You can’t wrestle” but he proved them all wrong tonight. It was the ending of the match I expected.

    After the match of course HHH had to steal the show. He’s about as arrogant as they come and absolutely has to stay in the spotlight. Also the title changing to Orton that quickly is just absolutely terrible. He’s without a doubt the most boring superstar in the WWE. He sucks on the Mic, he sucks in the ring, yet for some odd reason the WWE keeps supporting him.

    I can’t wait to see the fallout on the August 19th edition of Raw. Sorry for the incredibly long rant about the PPV. Hopefully someone will enjoy it… If not…. My bad. 😛


  14. OMG !!! Randy Orton, WWE champ !! Triple H does a heel turn !! I didn’t see this coming…..in 2002 maybe, when it wasn’t like, the 100th time, meh……….i can’t believe this, another ppv that’s the equivalent of giving us the finger and slapping our faces. not all matches sucked, but if it comes to a 3 way between bryan, orton and cena, i’d rather quit watching wwe and turn to cake wars, at least that show is way more unpredictable….. 😛

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed SS, though a lot of it was kinda predictable. I knew Christian would tap out to ADR. It’s a shame, but WWE has not seen him as anything else but fodder for years. It’s been the same formula with him for the past few years. Come back from injury, be s*** hot and on a roll, lose match at ppv, fade into obscurity until injured again. Rinse and repeat. So yeah, I was not surprised with him tapping out. I was really hoping he’d get one more run with the WHC, but pretty much that wasn’t going to happen.

    Was surprised Big Show/Henry vs The Shield was cut from the show, though I guess I shouldn’t be. WWE needs there promo time. I really wish they would learn that no one cares about those videos showing everything that’s happened in a feud up to that point, most being the exact same thing we see on the go home RAW or SD. I mean, if we’re buying and watching the PPV, most likely we know what’s going on. I mean, if they left out all those pointless flashbacks, that would probably free up enough time for another good, solid match. I mean, the two main event vignettes took up like ten minutes, give or take, which would have been more than enough time for a half decent tag match imo.

    And though hindsight is always, I know, they should have left out Kane vs Bray. It was an okay match, but I was underwhelmed by it. It also made Bray Wyatt look very weak and unimpressive. You know who popped into my mind about half way through the match when I looked at Bray? Skinner. Anyone remember Skinner? The old tobacco spitting, backwoods renegade from the Everglades? Aka Steve Keirn? Yeah, that guy. Which does nothing good for Bray. I know what the guy can do, so I’m not put off by it, but I fear his stock may have plummeted a bit with all the casual fans.

    Katyzig vs Big Easy was a good match as well. I thought Big E. and AJ would win, so I was surprised with Ziggles picking up the pin fall. It was a good match, and everyone looked strong. It does a lot to keep Dolph in the WHC picture while not hurting Big E much. I mean, Langston is still new, so getting beat by someone experienced like Dolph who’s still in his prime is nothing to be ashamed of. I just hope this leads to something bigger for Big E. because he really deserves a push to make a name for himself as a competitor because right now, he’s still just seen as “AJ’s Muscle” and “Former Muscle for Ziggler”, which I am tired of hearing from the announce table already. Let the guy show us who Big E. Langston is.

    Punk vs Brock delivered just like I thought it would, though I knew Brock would win seeing as Punk had the upper hand on the previous RAW. Both guys put on one hell of a match and both looked very strong. I enjoyed seeing Punk showing off some his MMA skills during the match, using a few moves and holds we don’t normally see him using, which makes me wonder if all this coverage of him being at MMA events over the past year was planned to build up to this match or WWE taking advantage of that to build this match up. Either way, I think it fit in very smoothly and both guys had very good chemistry.

    Their styles really complimented each other I think. Both guys are good wrestlers with MMA experience and both have nonchalant styles which makes it very difficult to predict what going to happen next. And with Brock being more ground and pound and Punk being more high flying, they both put on a very dynamic match. So even in losing, Punk came out looking very strong.

    Bryan vs Cena, the Match of the Night for me. It deserved every second of that main event spot. Great spot by both guys, though Cena dropping DB on his head like he did made me literally catch my breath. Not sure if that was a botch or not, but man that legitimately scared me for a moment. lol. If that was what was supposed to happen, bravo for that because little scares like that which make you question if it was real or staged really add to my love for WWE.

    There were also a lot of great spots in this match, especially DB awesome modified Superplex where he hooked his legs to the ropes, there by letting Cena take all the damage of the fall without subjecting himself to the impact as well like all others do. That right there was my spot of the night. I love new and creative stuff like that. And DB actually countering the STF? I seriously marked the hell out at that. My disbelief was totally gone at that point. lol.

    Cena put on a great show as well. I know the Cena haters are gonna hate but the guy is a great performer and a hard worker. Like I have been saying for years, it’s not how many moves you know, it’s how you use them in the ring, how you tell a story. And honestly, Cena is one of the best faces of the company we have ever had. I mean, at least he surprises us with something different from time to time. Did Hogan or HHH or even my favorite, Stone Cold, ever do that? Nope. But we still loved them because the put on great freaking matches despite not knowing a lot of moves.

    So yeah, give Cena some credit for at least switching it up every now and then and surprising us from time to time. Plus, he lost cleanly. 100% no bulls***, no controversy, and no scape goat(Har har). Oh and yeah, didn’t I say a week or so ago that it was possible Cena might lose cleanly? I think I did. Yes. Thank you. You’re welcome. 🙂 But yeah, the dude lost clean and made DB look really freakin awesome and super strong. So give the man at least some love here.

    As for the ending, I am happy. Yes, it sucks DB getting robbed of the WWE title by HHH and Orton, but I am not disappointed by it. DB still looks very strong and we got our Orton heel turn, and honestly, HHH is one of the greatest heels of all time. I cannot wait to see how this plays out. I am very much looking forward to Survivor Series right now. Wondering what’s next for Punk? I think he’d fit in right nicely with this story.


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