Complete List of Names Moving to WWE Smackdown Live in the Superstar Shakeup

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Tonight the annual Superstar Shakeup comes to Smackdown Live hot off the heels of a massive WrestleMania week in New Orleans, and last night’s exciting edition of Monday Night RAW. Last year we saw more than a dozen WWE Superstars trade brands, brand new teams at the commentary table, and a new home for the Intercontinental Championship on the first night alone!

We’ll be keeping track of every single name moving to Smackdown Live right here on this page, so keep updating as the night progresses! CLICK HERE for the full list of names that moved to the RAW brand last night.

Moving to Smackdown LIVE: Jeff Hardy

jeff hardy

Photo Credit: WWE

Talk about the old switcheroo! One night removed from defeating the Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal, for the United States Championship, Jeff Hardy makes his way to Smackdown LIVE along with his newly won title. Speculation ran rampant as to whether the Intercontinental Championship would be making its way to Smackdown LIVE.

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Well, speculate no more, the United States Championship is now back on Smackdown LIVE thanks to the Superstar ShakeUp. After asking for some competition in his newfound singles career (after Chad Gable was drafted to Raw), the person to answer the challenge was none other than US Champion, Jeff Hardy!

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