Complete 1/13 Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results *Spoilers*


Impact Wrestling returned to Universal Studios in Orlando this Saturday for night four of their television taping marathon, which will wrap up on Monday evening. If you want to catch up check out our results from NIGHT ONE, NIGHT TWO and NIGHT THREE before continuing on below.

As always match of the matches and segments taped may have been filmed out of order, so it’s difficult to tell when exactly the following content will air on television. Our best guess is early-to-mid March.

– El Hijo del Fantasma def. Braxton Sutter in a match taped exclusively for the GWN App

– Caleb Konley def. Fallah Baah in a match taped exclusively for the GWN App

(1) Eddie Edwards def. Sami Callihan

– A pissed off Callihan brutally assaulted Edwards after his loss, and left him laying with a steel chair and a baseball bat. He did the EVIL spot from NJPW where he used the baseball bat to smack the chair into his face. It looked really bad and Eddie was covered in blood.

(2) Feast or Fired Match
Eli Drake vs. Tyrus vs. Moose vs. Ethan Carter III vs. Petey Williams vs. KM vs. Trevor Lee vs. Caleb Konley vs. Rohit Raju vs. Taiji Ishimori

  • Case #1: Eli Drake
  • Case #2: Petey Williams
  • Case #3: EC3
  • Caste #4: Moose

(3) Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary ended in a double count-out when their brawl left the ring and they refused to return. Taya got the upper hand and left her old rival laying on the entrance ramp.

– Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong came out and the former WWE creative writer claimed that their path of destruction was necessary because Joseph Park refuses to produce his “brother” Abyss. At an earlier taping Park said that the world would never, ever see the “Monster” Abyss again. Jacobs declared that Kong would continue hurting the innocent until they get what they want. Father James Mitchell came out and compared himself to Jacobs, then talked about Abyss having a split personality disorder because of all the abuse over the years. He said he remained silent when Jacobs let his beast hurt those close to him, and destroy the offices of Park & Park, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the awoken Abyss. Next week… Monster’s Ball.

– X-Division Champion Matt Sydal came out to talk about winning the Impact Grand Championship “last week”. He said that he would be no one without his spiritual guide and mentor… Josh Matthews. The infamous commentator came out to ridiculous heat and asked everyone to “center their chi”. Matthews said that Sydal is a happy, centered man because of his teachings and he’s been trying to enlighten everyone for years now. He gave Sydal a mask of his spirit animal, and Sydal in turn made Josh Matthews the Impact Global Champion. Yes, you read that right.

(4) Tyrus def. Ethan Carter III

(5) Allie (c) def. Sienna to retain the Knockouts Championship

– Braxton Sutter came out and this time is trying to propose to Allie, but accidentally calls her “Laurel” instead. Su Yung makes her debut and completely destroys Allie in the process.

– Alberto el Patron is out and says he’s excited to fight a “real champion” like Austin Aries instead of that “paper champion” Eli Drake. It’ll be Aries vs. Patron for the title at something called Impact Redemption. The champion comes out to meet his challenger and agrees that they’re very similar people, except Aries claims to be very “real” in an industry full of fake people. Patron responds by claiming Aries won’t be a real champion until he goes through him… For some reason… Redemption takes place on April 22nd.

(6) Matt Sydal (c) def. Rohit Raju to retain the X-Division Championship

– Austin Aries and Alberto el Patron come out for a contract signing for Impact Redemption. Both stars signed the contract and Patron shook his hand, saying this was going to be a match with no B.S. and no mind games, because he responds the champion. Aries tells production to hit el Patron’s music and tells him to enjoy the moment, because it was the last time he’ll hear it played last.

– The Feast or Fired winners came out to reveal the contents of their briefcases. Eli Drake has a shot at the Tag Team Championships. Petey Williams is given a shot at the X-Division Championship.┬áMoose has a world championship shot which means EC3 HAS BEEN FIRED! Carter refused to open his case so Jeremy Borash did and he is indeed fired. He beats the holy hell out of Borash with the briefcase until Brian Cage came out to make the save and beat down Carter.

(7) Kongo Kong def. Abyss in a Monster’s Ball match

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