LOOK: Dustin Rhodes Talks About WWE Being “A Prison”


AEW star Dustin Rhodes was recently interviewed on Inside the Ropes. The interview came during Starrcast weekend, which led into AEW’s first pay-per-view, Double or Nothing. Rhodes opened up on a wide variety of topics and not surprisingly, some of the conversation included WWE.

Dustin worked in Vince McMahon’s company up until March of 2019, though many fans likely didn’t know he was even still on the roster. That’s due to the fact that WWE rarely ever used him in any substantial way, which caused frustration to build for the man once known as Goldust.

“For the past four years with WWE, I kinds lost my passion because let’s face it. You’re siting in the back, you’re not doing anything and it’s just really hard, it’s frustrating, when you have so much time to give but time is running out because you’re getting older. It sucks when you’re not being picked and you’re pitching these ideas to the writers and the creative and to Vince and to whoever else will listen. But nothing happens. It’s like ‘oh, we’ll just put you in a backstage segment standing in the hall while Goldberg makes his f*****g entrance.’ Thanks, I appreciate that, but not thanks.”

Dustin then compared WWE to a prison, which sent a wave of silence through the room.

“I wanted out. It was hard to get out…it’s like prison, it really is. It really is. It’s one of the prisons that they  take good care of you in. But I needed to go do something else, because I’d been there for so long.”

Dustin had an instant classic with his brother Cody in the semi-main event of Double or Nothing .The two men entered as rivals, but after a bloody war that saw Cody get the win, the two ended as brothers once again. Dustin and Cody will work as a team against The Young Bucks at AEW’s Fight for the Fallen on July 13.

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