LOOK: WWE Posts Rare Photos of Today’s Superstars When They Were Fans


WWE.com posted a series of pics on March 21 that featured some of today’s Superstars back when they were just fans. Those pics include Roman Reigns with Macho Man Randy Savage and Ricochet with Triple H.

It’s no secret that many talents from this generation grew up as fans in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Bayley in particular is known for her love of the business as a child. It’s that same love that took her from merely dreaming about being a wrestler to actually becomng an integral part of today’s women’s division.

Also pictured is Zack Ryder with John Cena. This is an ironic pic indeed because Ryder actually went on to rub shoulders with Cena Monday Night Raw. The Sing Brothers are also pictured with Bret Hart and the late Eddie Guerrero.

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Much like her partner and fellow WWE Women’s tag team champion Bayley, Sasha Banks is also on the slideshow. She’s seen backstage with John Cena, The Bella Twins and Vickie Guerrero.

Credit: WWE.com

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