Los Matadores Vignette, Jericho Working on His Next Book, The Bellas


– Here’s the latest vignette for Los Matadores:


– Nikki Bella tweeted about her sister Brie getting a title shot at Night of Champions in the Fatal 4 Way:

“Queen Brie 2Night! Some1 should b scared about losing that Divas Championship 1st time ever I luv watchin from the sidelines #RAW #BrieMode”

– Chris Jericho tweeted about working on his next book last night:

“Writing 8 pages a day for the new book & its coming along GREAT! Theres some seriously funny stuff in this thing already…UR GONNA LOVE IT!”

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  1. this is one of the most offensive, racist, stupid and shallow gimmicks I’ve seen so far.they might as well be called ” los teenage mutantes matador turtles, it’s just as offensive. maybe wwe saw the success Tito Santana had with the gimmick and gave it another run….yeah, right……


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