Lots Of Notes From The Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest Banquet


Credit: Mike Johnson and PWInsider

The Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest held their annual Hall of Heroes banquet last night with a sold-out dinner that, for the first time, sold overflow tickets for fans to watch the award ceremonies.

Honored at the dinner:

* Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and JJ Dillon, who were inducted by surprise guest David Crockett. Three amazing speeches from the core of the Horsemen.

* The Poffo Family, represented by Lanny Poffo, with a singer performing in honor of Randy “Savage” Poffo’s memory. Lanny had some “blue” humor and also got choked up talking about his father, Angelo Poffo.

* Boris Malenko, who was inducted by Bill Eadie. Joe Malenko made a surprise appearance to accept and had an awesome speech paying tribute to his father.

* Ox Baker, who was inducted by ceremony host Shane “Hurricane” Helms, who did an amazing job all night. Ox was his usual colorful self.

* Gerald Brisco, who was inducted by Danny Miller. Miller prepared a long speech about Brisco’s credentials. Brisco came off very humble and pushed everyone to support their local independents.

* Tommy Young, who was inducted by Jim Cornette. Cornette told some great stories and Young was absolutely great.

The wife and son of Wahoo McDaniel were in attendance, as was Jackie Crockett. It was a really special night.

The entire iPPV of the proceedings is now available for replays at at this link.

iPPV orders will also feature replays of Thursday’s events:

*Kevin Sullivan, JJ Dillon, Magnus TA and Tully Blanchard, among others, discussing their experiences working with and against WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

*Jim Cornette’s “Jim Cornette Experience” podcast live, talking all sorts of uncensored topics with Les Thatcher, Lance Storm, Tom Prichard, Tommy Young and more.

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