WWE Stars Backstage At WrestleCon SuperShow, Big Legend Nixed, Last-Minute Changes & More


The Wrestlecon Supershow took place last night which saw an incredible card, but as PWInsider.com has reported, there was plenty of issues backstage for management to deal with.

The report stated that the show underwent 25 changes during the day due to issues with talent travel, which is why Eddie Kingston vs. Masato Tanaka opened the show, as they were the only match where all the competitors were ready to go for the opening bell.

The show was originally set to open with Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix vs. Arez & Flamita, but that match didn’t end up happening at all as Pentagon and Fenix had to get to MLW and IMPACT so they had the singles match instead.

Both Black Taurus and Ultimo Dragon were originally set to compete on the show, but didn’t end up appearing. Taurus was held up at immigration and had to be cut.

In regards to Ultimo Dragon, he did appear backstage, but he turned p just as the match he was scheduled to compete in was starting, which was the eight person tag. That match was originally set to be a 10 person tag but was changed after Dragon’s travel issue became clear.

One surprise on the show was Tajiri, and he was added when the Dragon Gate talents had their visas declined. Wrestlecon did look into adding a STARDOM match to replace the Dragon Gate match, but they had other commitments.

The start of the show itself had to be delayed due to an ambulance, which is required by the New York State Athletic Comission, being late to the building.

Shane Helms noted during the show that he had to beg WWE to allow him to appear, but he wasn’t the only person under WWE contract to be there, as Andrade was visiting backstage.

Finally, whilst the show was a legitimate sell out, there was a problem as the seating arrangement has to be changed at the last minute to improve the sightlines.

With all those issues in mind, it certainly makes what was a very good show even more impressive.