Lucky tHURTeen Discussing Cage of Death XV and CZW World Title Opportunity


Lucky 13Lucky tHURTeen is the most unique performer Combat Zone Wrestling has ever produce. Lucky tHURTeen currently is a member of the Nation of Intoxication and winner of Cage of Death XV. As a result of winning Cage of Death XV, Lucky tHURTeen has earn probably the greatest opportunity of his professional wrestling career. Lucky tHURTeen will challenge CZW World Heavyweight Champion Drew Gulak for CZW World Heavyweight Championship at Combat Zone Wrestling’s first Live Event of 2014 “Answering the Challenge” on January 11th, 2014.


I had the pleasure of conducting an exclusive interview with Lucky tHURTeen to discuss briefly the early stages of his professional wrestling career, and discuss his CZW World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. This written article is basically a summary of the Lucky tHURTeen Interview. The entire unedited audio interview will be release on 01/08/2014 on,  and


1). Lucky tHURTeen, what inspired you to get involved in the professional wrestling industry?


Lucky tHURTeen: “Well I really wasn’t a big wrestling fan growing up. My friendship with Fire Ant really got me into professional wrestling because we grow up together, and he’s a huge wrestling fan. I reminder back in high school in one of his architect classes, he had project assignment. So, he designed a blueprint of a wrestling ring and he build it in his backyard. He really did a great job it was pretty sick, next thing we know we’re doing backyard wrestling for a years. We graduated from high school, afterward we both decide to go to wrestling school. We team together for a while and we went our separate ways. Fire Ant done a great job building a very successful wrestling career for himself and my career not that bad either”.


2). Lucky tHURTeen according to your history you trained at the Wrestle Factory under Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero. Describe your experience being trained by Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero.


Lucky tHURTeen: “I have to say Mike Quackenbush is like a professional wrestling encyclopedia, you can say anything about wrestling and Mike knows it. Chris Hero’s knowledge as far as a wrestler and knowledge of wrestling is pretty amazing. Quackenbush and Hero are amazing and setting their putting everything together wrestling sequences and chain wrestling. The experience in Chikara is great, mask gimmick is amazing how these performers are able to keep their secrets, and you will never expect nor recognize these guys without their mask. The moment they put on their mask, their character takes over. They begin walking differently and acting differently it’s pretty amazing”.


3). Describe your emotions after winning Cage of Death XV and getting the opportunity to compete for CZW World Heavyweight Championship.


Lucky tHURTeen: “My emotions was pretty surreal. I really wasn’t a big WWF fan, going back attending CZW Events back in high school with Fire Ant. It was amazing sharing a ring with Sick Nick Mondo which is the evaluate sharing the ring with Hulk Hogan. Sick Nick Mondo was great getting his input, throwing out different ideas which made sense with the match. It truly was an honor sharing the ring with him”.Winning COD15


4). Lucky tHURTeen, what will be your strategy going up against Drew Gulak on January 11th, 2014?


Lucky tHURTeen: “Well, Drew Gulak is a much better wrestler than myself. I can wrestle I was trained by Mike Quckenbush and Chris Hero, but I prefer doing highflying and striking. My strategy going against Drew Gulak, probably have to pull some tricks which won’t be consider legal but it’s my best chance of winning”.


5). What will this mean for your career if you win the CZW World Heavyweight Championship?


Lucky tHURTeen: “Wrestling for the most part is a hobby. I wrestle basically twice a month but winning the CZW World Champion will be pretty cool, but you’ll be expected to accept all sorts of bookings. I will humbly not accept all those bookings if I win the CZW World Heavyweight Championship. My first love is hockey, I still play hockey three to four nights a week, professional wrestling is basically number three or four on my list; winning the CZW World Title would be awesome but getting signed for hockey as a free agent will be cooler”.



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