Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Were Tested For COVID-19 For Their BTE Appearance


AEW continues to really push its COVID-19 approach heavily, as Luke Gallows revealed recently as testing even takes place for BTE.

Despite the fact they aren’t signing with AEW, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson both appeared on the YouTube show recently in a funny segment with The Young Bucks. When speaking with, Luke allows revealed they were both tested before appearing, discussing the details of the situation.

“In talking about protocols, it’s the masks, the social distancing, the temperature checks. It’s where it used to be thirty of us sitting around and shooting the shit and hanging out together, you can’t do that anymore,” Gallows said. “You have to social distance, even putting gloves on to get your catering food or whatever it may be, everybody’s being careful.

“We went to AEW to shoot the BTE gimmick with the [Young Bucks] in the hotel for their show and we actually had the finger prick and had the COVID test there, and it’s the same stuff. We shot Talk ’N Shop A-Mania two weeks ago on my property in Georgia. My wife’s an ER nurse, she’s on the frontlines. We made that decision,” Gallows said, “because financially we’re in a situation where we can do that and she’s working on her doctorate now. She puts scrubs on and gloves, a mask and we had a COVID check at the end of my driveway because you have to do that. It’s a different time and hopefully, this pandemic stuff will ease up and slow down but it’s irresponsible not to be safe. We’re driving right now, we’re in Tennessee crossing into Georgia, and if we’re walking into a gas station everyone’s got a mask on and it’s the same thing with wrestling. With wrestling, you’re more at risk because you’re out there sweating all over each other and you’re in close contact, so you have to be as careful as possible. It’s something that none of us were prepared for or used to.”