The Machine Era has Begun! (See what I did there?)

Hello Wrestling World.


Thank you very much for reading my first ever post for! Before I begin I would like to say one important fact about myself: I love wrestling. Now you may be thinking “of course you do, you are posting for a wrestling website. But I feel like   while critiquing the in ring product of wwe or any promotion, it becomes necessary to remind one self that they love this industry. I am not an analyst, or an insider. I am a fan.  I am have been a fan ever since I saw the Undertaker walk to the ring to battle his younger brother Kane at Wrestlemania 14.  I am a fan who loves amazing story telling, compelling characters, and long matches in which men and women show their athleticism and leave it all in the ring. I am a fan with strong opinions mind you, but definitely a wrestling fan, writing for other wrestling fans.

My plan is to do three different types of posts. The first one, and my first post, will be The Machine”s top five. once a month, I will post who I believe are the hottest wwe active wrestlers at that moment. This could include great promos, match quality, consistent impact on the show each and every week.  I am fully aware that this opinion is subjective solet the debate begin!

5. Cesario: It’s interesting, about 2 months ago he would have been at number 2 or 3. Now, it seems he has cooled off a bit as the company is investing a lot of time in the Seth Rollins Up and Coming Heel storyline. That being said, He has great matches week in and week out, and of course, everything Paul Heyman touches is gold. Look for him to steal the show in the championship money in the Bank Ladder Match.

4. Bray Wyatt: The eater of worlds has the best promos and most compelling character of any wrestler on the wwe roster bar none. Pretty much every week that he is given time to talk, I am left thinking “This may be the best promo I have ever seen.” I wish he would have gone over Cena at Payback in their last man standing match though. He is my pick to win the wwe world heavyweight championship at Money in The Bank.

3. Dean Ambrose: Over the last several weeks, The lunatic fringe of the shield has transitioned very positively into his role as the rebellious babyface. While I always knew he could of course wrestle and talk as well as anyone, I questioned how he would work in that role since he seems to be a natural heel. However with his run ins on Rollins, and his matches as of late, He has done an awesome job taking his aggressive character and creating a very edgy, cool good guy that I think fans can identify with and invest in. A ppv match at battleground with his former shield mate is money.

2. Roman Reigns: It has been apparent for a while that the keys to the city of wwe are locked in a savings bond for Roman Reigns. He has the look wwe loves, he has an awesome, badass aura around him, and has done great with what he has been given. So much so that wwe has the faith in him to book him as the top babyface in the Championship money in the bank Ladder Match. It remains to be seen what Reigns can do in a long form, main event singles match. However if the crowd reactions are any indication, the fans believe in Roman Reigns.

1. Seth Rollins: And the shield take the top three! over the last month, the top story line in wwe has been the Seth Rollins heel turn. Rollins’ own ability as well as the on screen endorsement of Triple H makes Mr. Rollins really seem like the future of the wwe. He seems to still be finding his way on the mike a tad. However I was watching an old match from Ring Of Honor and his mike skills have already improved leaps and bounds. Assuming he keeps improving and wwe keeps managing this amazing in ring performer’s push, The sky is the limit for Seth Rollins.