Madusa Calls Out AJ Lee on Facebook

Madusa is none too pleased with reigning WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee recently appearing in a possession of the WWE Women’s Championship–the 50-year-old considers herself the rightful owner of the strap since she never lost it in a match.

Last week, AJ tweeted a photo of herself holding the retired belt. Upon seeing the picture, Madusa called out Lee on Facebook, writing, “Apparently someone has delusions of grandeur……..

“AJ Never was, Never will be the WWE womens champion as long as I OFFICIALLY hold the title. Bitch never beat me, Bitch never will. However she does give good mike skill so lets see what she has to say now….

“#WWE #madusa #monstertrucks #divas #champion #teammadusa ##kissmyass.”

Madusa is not the only person with a less than favorable opinion of the WWE Divas Champion. Earlier this month, Lee tweeted an image of a tattoo she got on the back of her neck to commemorate the date she won the belt (June 16, 2013). According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AJ’s tribute drew a negative reaction from some of her co-workers as they consider it an “eye roller”–wrestlers displaying fan-like behavior is generally frowned upon by those affiliated within the industry. Plus, Jerry Lawler and John Layfield poked fun at her ink during last Monday’s Raw broadcast by saying she if she lost the belt, she would get a tattoo commemorating the date.

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  • Ronald Ryan


  • JG40

    It’s time to put Lawler out to pasture also, his schtick toward the girls was old 15 years ago….

    • Varg Vikernes

      Agreed, he barely even participates anymore.

  • Dimestore Trophy

    didnt Madusa throw it in the trash along with her career

    • Mr. Baker

      She did wrestle ‘Oklahoma’ Ferrera…wait..yes Her career ended the moment the strap hit the can…Funny how she came back to WCW to be the figurehead of the women’s division , yet never won the title…hahahaha

  • James

    Sounds like the seeds to an angle to me. Medusa was in talks with WWE earlier this year.

  • Varg Vikernes

    Aj is just another WWE Drone. Anyone could have filled the role she plays.

  • Brock Lesnar Fan

    Is the the same Madusa as the one who was in the process of cleaning out all of Greg Valentine’s bank accounts behind his back while he was a long three week tour overseas? Hmmm? Sounds like a wonderful, loyal, upstanding citizen. I am sure Vince will bring her right in as a top draw.

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    Madusa was and always will be dumb