Magnus Not at Tonight’s Impact Wrestling Episode

TNA announced that Magnus would not on tonight’s Impact Wrestling. No reason was given for his absence, other than that it was due to “an unforeseen issue.” Here is an except from their article:

Magnus, due to an unforeseen issue, will not be appearing on tonight’s Impact Wrestling on Spike TV. Magnus currently has competed in 5 matches and was scheduled to face Kazarian on Xplosion this week and Jeff Hardy on Spike TV tonight. Due to the circumstances, TNA officials have met and made the following decision:

Magnus will stand with his current total of 39 points. Jeff Hardy and Kazarian will face each other tonight on Impact Wrestling on Spike TV to make up their originally scheduled match with Magnus. Also the originally scheduled Kazarian vs. Hernandez match will move to Xplosion this week.

As a reminder, be sure to check back here at 9PM ET for our play-by-play coverage of tonight’s Impact Wrestling episode.

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  • raul cruz

    What unforseen issue? That he is becoming a star and that wasn’t what was supposed to happen?

  • Ralph Ramos

    I don’t know, but I do know that Jerk Jarrett isn’t saving TNA like Kevin Nash thinks, or anyone, for that matter. He’s only saving himself. Instead of doing what was best for TNA, he concentrated and succeeded at stealing Kurt Angles wife instead. Now I’m not saying that Kurt Angle is an angel, but that was really unprofessional. How would you like it if your boss stole your wife? OK, don’t answer that. But you get my point.As a good leader, you have to put the company’s best interest first, not your wants and needs. Jerk Jarrett will never get his company back.