Major Rumor – Steve Austin/CM Punk/WrestleMania

There are some RUMORS on some websites that a segment was reportedly pitched to Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk for WrestleMania 30. The segment was said to be based around its ending, which would see Austin giving Punk a stunner to set up a match at WrestleMania 31. There’s been no word on whether or not either man agreed to the angle. Punk was previously spotted in the Chicago area last night for an Against Me! concert. Again, this should be taken strictly as a RUMOR for now. It’s only one idea that was pitched and is not at all confirmed. It’s also very possible that we won’t even see CM Punk at WrestleMania 30. We hope to have more on this shortly.

In addition, many in the WWE are currently under the impression that The Rock will be flying to New Orleans on Sunday to be featured in a WrestleMania segment as well. If he’s not there live, there is talk that a pre-taped video promo will air.

UPDATE: Is CM Punk really returning to WWE?, Steve Austin’s role, MORE!

  • The FBWA

    Punk should come into the Triple H and Bryan match and take out Hunter with a go to sleep. Setting up HHH vs Punk at WM31.

    • Max

      That was why Punk left… he didn’t wanna wrestle HHH.

  • Zuckerton

    You shouldn’t really be spreading these “rumors”. Why not just allow us to be surprised? You go off spreading such crap and then get peoples hopes up only to have them crash when it doesn’t happen.

    I come here for NEWS, not RUMORS.

  • Meko

    You know what a great angle would be? Punk showing up at WM, taking out Bryan in the main event, and going heel, jealous over the fact the fans supported Bryan. Gets the belt on Batista and sets up a hell of a feud between a great heel in Punk and a hot Bryan.

    Then again, we are talking WWE here.

    • DW

      It would be interesting to see how the crowd react to that, a lot are desperate for Bryan to be champ, but equally as desperate for Punk to return. Personally if Bryan isn’t walking out of WM with the belt that’s the only scenario I wouldn’t be totally pissed off with.

      • Meko

        Thing is, its all in ratings and dollars. Bryans fans are so hot on him, rather they throw the title on him is irrelevant, they will still be there. I would like to see him get a real run with it at some point though.

        Going into the summer, with a Champion Batista and “Guardians of the Galaxy” launch, the PR campaign would be obvious.

        • DW

          Yeah that’s a strong possibility, similar to The Rocks run as champ last year when he had a movie coming out, I hope they don’t go down that route though.

  • J Lynn

    C.M. Punk is not fit to be a legend. Don’t know him, don’t miss him, don’t care.