Major Spoilers For Lucha Underground Season 4; Top Star Sacrificed to the Gods & New Champions Crowned


Lucha Underground taped their season four “Ultima Lucha” finale on March 18th at the new facility in Los Angeles. Obviously this goes without saying, but the following report contains *MAJOR SPOILERS* for future episodes of the show that don’t even have an air date yet – proceed at your own risk!

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According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, one of the major names Lucha Underground will be pushing as a top star in season four is Jake Hager, who wrestled in WWE as Jack Swagger for nearly a decade. Hager is now going under the name Jake Strong and reportedly won the Gift of the Gods Championship at the television taping on March 17th.

The next day Pentagon Dark faced Marty the Moth for the Lucha Underground Championship in what was described as an incredibly violent and bloody match taped for Ultima Lucha IV. Following the match some kind of angle was shot between Pentagon and Vampiro that left the champion laid out, leading to Jake Strong cashing in the Gift of the Gods to end the season as reigning Lucha Underground Champion.

Another *MAJOR SPOILER* is that Jeff Cobb, who wrestles under a mask as Matanza Cueto, lost a match against Johnny Mundo (aka John Morrison/Johnny Impact) where the loser was sacrificed to “the gods”. Dave Metlzer noted in the Observer Newsletter that he has been released from the remaining three years of his contract with the promotion.

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