Major Swings In WWE Fastlane Betting Odds

– There have been major swings with the WWE Fastlane betting odds. Strowman has emerged as a heavy favorite and Sasha Banks is no longer favored to defeat Nia Jax, check out the odds below:

A quick explanation of these odds would be that the minus indicated the favorite and the plus for the underdog. The number after the plus or minus tells us how favored or unfavored the competitors are. For example, betting $900 on Goldberg at -900 would only win $100 because he is so favored but it would only take a successful $100 bet on Owens at +500 to win $500 due to Kevin being the underdog. The odds are constantly changing and can be followed in real time.

Check out the current odds for Sunday:

WWE Universal Championship
Kevin Owens(c) +500 vs Goldberg -900

WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Bayley(c) +500 vs Charlotte Flair -900

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson(c) -350 vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass +250

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Neville -420 vs Jack Gallagher +300

Roman Reigns +1000 vs Braun Strowman -2000 (Undertaker has -200 odds to show up at ringside)

Sami Zayn +700 vs Samoa Joe -1500

Sasha Banks +800 vs Nia Jax -1700

Rich Swann & Akira Tozawa -215 vs The Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar +165