Major Update – Long-Term WWE & SummerSlam Plans


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We can confirm that WWE has a long-term plan right now to work towards a Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. These plans could change depending on what happens with Bryan and the title heading into the upcoming Money In The Bank pay-per-view at the end of this month.

With Bryan-Lesnar planned for SummerSlam, this would mean that the inevitable showdown between “Paul Heyman Guys” Lesnar and Cesaro, when the latter makes his eventual baby face turn, wouldn’t be taking place until after SummerSlam.

It should be noted though that one idea that was discussed in recent weeks was that Lesnar would win the World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam and then Cesaro would come down and cash in to win the title. Of course, SummerSlam is still several months away and we don’t know who will have the briefcase at that time. As we’ve been reporting, Cesaro is heavily favored to win the Money in the Bank ladder match. With that being said and depending on Daniel Bryan’s status, there is a chance nobody will have a briefcase this year.

As you can see, the Daniel Bryan surgery has messed things up big time for WWE.

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  1. Like I KEEP SAYING: Lesnar’s contract dictates only four or five matches a year, and NONE on TV. He CAN’T be WWE champ, unless it’s just from one PPV to the next.

      • Ummm, couldn’t do what ? Win the belt? They had Rock come back specifically FOR that. You guys new here or something? In caseya haven’t heard, lemme fill ya in – That’s what Punk got mad and left about.

        • Oh wow, you think that’s why Punk left? You know nothing,that’s not why he left. And rock didn’t come back specifically for the belt. Are you new?

        • Punk got mad and left over wwe never telling talent how they were going to be getting ppv cuts after the network launched. They also wouldn’t let him turn heel again. Get your facts straight, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Brock is going to win the title so get used to it.

        • Nobody said that’s why Rock came back. But you think WWE brought him back just to job to Punk or anybody else??? Get f*ckin’ real. There was NO reason -NONE – for Rock to come back EXCEPT to be involved in the title picture. And this site – as well as quite a few others, although I’m sure they all got their info from the same source – has reported REPEATDDLY that WWE sources have stated that Punk was pissed because he worked his ass off for years to earn his spot at the top, and they let Rock, and then Batista – guys who had walked out to go to Hollywood – just walk back in and immediately get title shots right out of the bag. And that was way before the Network deal, which, also reportedly, all the big moneymakers were upset about. All I’m doing is quoting what I have READ RIGHT HERE ON THIS SITE ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION. So if I’M makin’ up, what you’re saying is is making it up.

          • You need to read better because i’ve seen several times on here reasons Punk walked out. And it wasn’t because Rock got the belt.

          • Well, don’t know what to tell ya there, Sparky. That’s damn sure what I’VE read on here.

    • Stop making stuff up. Please scan in the copy of Lesnar’s contract that you know so much about because i’ve not seen it.
      Please tell me if him winning the title at summerslam and then losing to an immediate money in the bank cash in counts as one or two matches as per the contract.

      You don’t know.

      • Dude, ANYBODY who’s paid a LICK of attention to ANY of these newsboards KNOWS it’s been reported MANY times.

        • So the guy who posted last week Lesnar has 12 matches in his contract and the other guy who posted that it’s. 8 matches and 4 tv appearances and the other one who said there’s a clause to have 14matches if WWE pay an extra million are all correct too?
          You don’t know. Link me to this contract please you know so much about. Otherwise stop making stuff up.
          The only people who know the deal is WWE officials and Lesnar. You don’t know if they can come to an arrangement outside th contract, any clauses, the specific fight number. You even said four or five matches, you don’t know.
          I wish smarks would stop making stuff up to sound important.

          • You know where I got that info? RIGHT HERE ON THIS SIGHT. All I’m doing is quoting what I have READ RIGHT HERE ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS. I have no idea where anybody else got their info, but if you think I’M makin’ sh*t up, then you think makes sh*t up, and you can feel free to take it up with them. Personally, I’ve found at least about 95% of their sh*t to turn out to be accurate.

    • These are two articles about Lesnar’s original “return to WWE” contract: , . Now, you think he up and signed a new contract going from three matches a year to, what, ten? Let’s look at the evidence: It’s June, and the guy’s done TWO matches all year, been on TV what, six times? Kinda supports my claim.


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