Major Update on CM Punk’s Status with WWE


The word making the rounds at this weekend’s house shows was that CM Punk was officially given his release from World Wrestling Entertainment on Friday, according to PWInsider.

As this time, we are unable to confirm that the rumors are true. It’s worth noting that Punk is still featured on the WWE roster page on their official website.

Additionally, PWInsider noted that people that are close to Punk have told them that he is “done.”

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  1. well as an adult I feel if your man enough to sign a contract making multi millions of dollars then honor it. If you have an issue address it and see if something can work out. As I have learned always three sides to a story cm punk side, wwe side and the truth.

  2. false statement so far if its true people would be rampant, starting a fire under wwe nose by boycotting future wwe events clamoring the idea.

  3. peace out whiner – no sittin on your ass collecting checks for you! Don’t wanna work – no money for you, cry baby! This guy is a disgrace, he was bumped up to a level LOADS of people would love to be at it – even for a SHORT time – and he walks out. F*ck this bum. Glad he’s gone!

  4. After being horribly handled over the last year, it’s amazing Punk didn’t walk out sooner. Expect a similar exodus of other talent this spring, since a lot of performers are hanging around simply to be a part of WM 30, because the fundamental problems remain. The company basically exists for Cena, HHH’s flavor of the moment, and UT at WM, with everybody else being filler. WWE walked out on Punk (and others) with scatterbrained storyline NON-development that has most likely cost the company money. Because WWE dishonored Punk’s contract in that respect, and wouldn’t give him time to heal from injuries, he was justified in discontinuing. If he has been formally released, he could choose to dominate in a now resuscitated TNA by mid-year.


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