Mandy Rose Drafted To Monday Night Raw To Further Otiz/Miz Storyline


It has been revealed that Mandy Rose is now officially a member of the WWE Raw brand and it’s all down to The Miz.

The Miz and John Morrison have been feuding with Otis and Tucker recently, trying to steal the Money in the Bank contract. However, it now appears that Miz has taken things to the next level by going after Otis’ peach, Mandy Rose.

Miz told Otis on the latest WWE SmackDown that he would be calling in a favor, and that now appears to be getting Mandy moved away from the blue brand.

On Talking Smack this week, Miz revealed that thanks to his suggestion, WWE has drafted Mandy Rose to WWE Raw, meaning she will be split from Otis. The two have been in an on-screen relationship since WrestleMania 36.

“FOX and USA Network rely on me. They listen to every work and pitch I have, and boy did I have a pitch for the USA Network,” said Miz. “Ladies and gentlemen, as of 10:01 PM on 9-11-2020, Mandy Rose is now on the roster of USA Network’s Monday Night Raw. Why? Let’s put it this way. Money in the Bank contract. It is very important. Otis needs to concentrate, focus, and get rid of every distraction he has. Mandy Rose is a distraction to someone who could be Universal Champion.” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)

WWE wrote the following announcement:

Mandy Rose is on the move, as The Golden Goddess has been traded to Raw.

The Miz crashed the set of WWE Talking Smack to break the news of Mandy Rose’s trade to Raw. The move was the latest tactic in The Miz & John Morrison’s ongoing quest to part Otis with his Money in the Bank Contract.

What will the move mean for Mandy and what effect will it have on her relationship with Otis?