Mandy Rose Takes A Shot At Tough Enough Winner, Tye Dillinger On Which NXT Stars He Wants To Face


WWE Superstar, Mandy Rose might have gone back and forth with Naomi on Twitter, but she wasn’t the only person that Rose was throwing shade on.

During her argument with Naomi, a fan who felt the glow came to Naomi’s defence and tweeted to Rose to state that she is the weakest part of everything she is in, adding that she couldn’t even win Tough Enough.

Rose quickly took a shot at the female winner, Sara Lee, asking where she is at now though?

Sonya Deville also came to back up her tag team partner during her war of words with Naomi, stating that Rose could bench both Naomi and Eva Marie at the same time.

Tye Dillinger On Which NXT Star He Wants To Face

Tye Dillinger was asked on Twitter which wrestler on the WWE NXT roster he would most like to face and his answer was Adam Cole, or facing Johnny Gargano again, stating that they had a great match a while ago and that he would like to do it on a bigger platform.