Mansoor Reveals His Current Goal Is To Win A Championship In Saudi Arabia For WWE


Mansoor has made waves for WWE during the recent WWE shows in Saudi Arabia, and the WWE NXT Superstar wants to capitalise on that momentum.

Previously, Mansoor has scored big victories at the Saudi shows, winning the battle royal at the 2019 Super ShowDown, and then defeating Cesaro at Crown Jewel. Both times, Mansoor has impressed, with his match against Cesaro arguably being the match of the night on that occasion.

He recently spoke with Sport 360 where he discussed what it means for WWE to be putting on regular shows in the Middle East.

“It’s great that the thousands of WWE fans across the Middle East are now being given opportunities to watch their heroes perform live in the region because when I was younger that was never the case. Both Super Showdown and Crown Jewel were fantastic events this year, with huge numbers attending. The popularity of WWE in this part of the world is only going to increase and I’m really looking forward to being a part of that.”

Mansoor’s win against Cesaro really helped to put him on the map as he was able to showcase his true in-ring abilities.

“Cesaro is such a talented wrestler so to fight him on the big stage was incredible, it could have gone a number of ways but luckily I won which was the dream outcome,” says Mansoor.

Mansoor went on to state that his current goal is to win a championship at a future WWE event in Saudi Arabia.

“My primary goal right now is to win a championship in Saudi Arabia. I would really love to share that moment with the crowd. For a Saudi wrestler to win a title on home soil would be truly special,” Mansoor said.

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