Marc Mero Discusses His Non-Profit Organization, WWE Return?, DDP


In an interview with SLAM Wrestling, Marc Mero spoke about his non-profit organization Champions of Choices. Since 2007 he has visited schools, churches and other groups to tell motivational stories of his life. He’s been at 180 events in the last 12 months.

On starting the project after the Chris Benoit tragedy: “Of course the thing that really catapulted me, unfortunately, was when Chris Benoit killed his wife and his kid and there was such a culture of so many of the guys that were dying. At that time I just wanted to make a difference and help younger people not go through some of the mistakes that I made. I don’t point my fingers at other people, but at what I did wrong, drug and alcohol abuse, broken relationships and broken dreams. I just wanted to help other people so I started the Champion of Choices program eight years ago and it is now taken off to over a thousand schools, churches and corporations around the world.”

On how DDP helped the video go viral and get 7.5 million viewers: “Diamond Dallas Page is one of my closest friends and in fact Dallas is the one who put the video up that went viral,” said Mero with enthusiasm. “What happened is that I was presenting in Atlanta, and as you know Dallas’ yoga empire is just taking off, he has a whole film team right there in Atlanta. So I was presenting in his town and he said, ‘I am going to have the guys come out and film you.’ I said that would be great. They came out with three or four cameras, different angles and it was really done professionally. They filmed the presentation. They called me and asked if they could put it up on Youtube and it was like watching one of those clickers go by with the number of people watching it. It just started taking off and on Facebook it has over 600,000 shares. Over a million people have seen it and it all goes from that day.”

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On possibly working with WWE: “The one thing that I hope comes out of it, and if it doesn’t I’m okay with it as I am busy, I would really like to reconnect with the WWE in a sense of working with them on their school programs. I see their school programs; of course, you put a wrestler in front of kids and they just go crazy, but they don’t really walk out of there changing a life. Sure it is great to see a superstar, but they are not delivering the same message that we are at schools. I would really hope someday that Triple H or someone in the upper echelon would come out and see one of our presentations and see the value of what we’re doing to associate with WWE once again.”

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