Saturday, April 20

Maria and Mike Kanellis Reportedly Ask for Their Release From WWE


Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Maria and Mike Kanellis recently asked for their release from WWE. Apparently the couple was unhappy with how the company was using them, so the time was right to seek their exit.

This will likely come as no surprise to WWE fans as the company has done little to nothing with the couple since they debuted in 2017.

It may be a case of bad timing, as Mike was reportedly dealing with substance abuse issues and Maria had the couple’s first baby not long afterward. It seems that they could not get on the same page with WWE, as the company rarely used them from that point on.

Of course it could be that WWE didn’t have a solid plan for them from the beginning. Vince McMahon’s company is in the business of collecting talent and while that may be good for long term business, it’s perhaps not good for some of those talents in the short term.

It’s unknown if WWE has agreed to the couple’s request, or where the two will go from here.

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