Maria Kanellis’ Boyfriend Defends Her Tweets


As noted earlier, former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis posted numerous messages on Twitter slamming the Bella Twins real-life characters. This caused a negative reaction from fans on the social media outlet. Her boyfriend Mike Bennett posted a statement on Twitter defending her right to speak out.

“Funny that the same people who complain about what’s wrong w wrestling, are the same ones who blast someone when they speak out against it,” Bennett wrote. “Nobody gets anywhere by going w the crowd. stand up for what u believe in, or just keep ur mouth shut and follow blindly.”

Bennett continued, “I respect someone who has the balls to speak up,and if that makes them bitter and jealous. What does it make the ones who r afraid to speak.”

Kanellis then later added, “Family, fancy, friends, dogs, morals, and career are all things I will ALWAYS protect. No one has the right to do damage to my future.”

Gross Photo of Triple H and Chyna…. Ewwwww

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  1. But she doesn’t have to act like a total jealous b**** either Mike Bennett. Yeah nikki bella did not impress me with her attitude on the show. But at least she’s on the show.

    • And that was the point of the tweet..Bellas twins stopped her from being on a show..My best guess would be bc one of them is dating John “not that talented” Cena.. So im not suprised..If someone you knew stopped you from getting a job you knew you were qualified for,I’m sure you would feel the same way.

  2. Maria actually has way less talent than anyone on the current roster right now. Vince isnt stupid… if Maria was really good for business he would bring her back

    • Agreed, on the other had I had to agree with Nattie and what she said on the show. Why the hell wasn’t she involved in Wrestlemania, When she is one of the top 3 wrestlers on the diva’s roster. Maria is nice eye candy, but the side of herself she shows in tweets is not nice at all.

      • She isn’t even great eye candy. Kharma who is a bit of an eye sorer at least can wrestle and bring intensity. Maria really brings nothing to the table. Id bring back Torrie Wilson or Candice Michelle or even Sunny before Maria

  3. What I don’t understand is why they are afraid to say she’s in ROH and not former WWE? Maria was strictly looks when she was in WWE but she has a right to say what she wants.The Bellas can just say something like. I love how well your butt checks wrestle under your shorts. She’s not perfect when it comes to looking like a person that dresses decently. I mean both she a Christy Hemme might act like they are prim and proper but they act like they are from Missouri.

  4. The Bellas are lame, they are sassy and think that they are so beautiful. Reality is that they wear alot of makeup, they will become more and more unattractive as they age. The WWE doesn’t care about women’s wrestling, the lame divas matches last 60 seconds and are over in a flash. So the Bellas really aren’t’ gods gift to wrestling. Maria Kanelis is okay looking, she doesn’t wrestle at all, and dresses like a stripper to gain attention. So neither Maria nor the Bellas are as great as they think they are.


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