Maria Kanellis Claims The Bellas Blocked Other WWE Returns


The other day a Twitter follower asked former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis if she thought that Eva Marie was WWE’s attempt to replace her since she “rejected their offer.”

Ryan Baxter @RyanBaxter123
@MariaLKanellis Do you think Eva Marie is WWE’s attempt of replacing you since you rejected their offer? #AskMariaKanellis

Maria responded to the fan with the following:

Maria Kanellis @MariaLKanellis
@RyanBaxter123 didn’t reject their offer. @wwe and I agreed on details of my contract.Bellas blocked 2 other girls and me from getting hired

Maria announced earlier this month that The Bellas blocked her attempt at a WWE comeback.

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  1. how do you block someone from getting hired? if you agree on terms that means they want you…but since its the Bellas, then I guess it could happen. They have a lot of pull being the girlfriends of the top stars.

  2. I honestly cannot stand the Bella Twins. I won’t even watch a segment with those hoes, and yes I am a heterosexual male and I’d bone Maria and any other attractive WWE diva past or present.

  3. Why doesn’t anyone like the Bella twins? You’d be crazy not to f*** em as hard as you can at the first opportunity.


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