Maria Kanellis Comments on Best Diva in WWE Today, Vince Behind the Scenes & More


Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis took part in a Reddit AMA, here are some highlights:

What John Cena is like backstage: John Cena was always very sweet to me. We had breakfast together on numerous occasions when we were on overseas tours. I don’t know what he is like now but back then I considered him a friend.

The Bella Twins: I pity them. I pity their insecurity… They are selfish little mean girls. I am a grown woman and I don’t play high school games… Jealousy is their issue and fear.

What Vince McMahon is like behind the scenes: He was always great to me.

Best Diva in WWE today: AJ… AJ is a great Joker. The Divas Division needs a Batman.

Who she tried to avoid backstage, and who she looked up to and learned from: I tried to avoid everyone. It’s scary backstage.

I looked up to lots of people. Beth, Mickey, Punk, Mark Henry, Trish, Lita, Edge, Undertaker, Victoria, and many others.

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