Maria Kanellis Continues to Tweet About The Bella Twins


Former WWE Diva and current First Lady of Ring of Honor Maria Kanellis took to her Twitter last night and had the following to say during the premiere episode of WWE Total Divas.

“Hahahaha ha!!!! The Bellas are vets?”

Maria then re-tweeted a follower’s tweet, “The audacity these untalented broads have. Then you have Nattie who rocks and is an absolute sweetheart.”

Later a follower asked, “Are the Bellas talented at anything?” Maria replied, “Yes. Can you guess what?”

She then continue to tweet about the The Bella Twins:

“Every time the Bellas say they are vets it makes me want to vomit!”

“N Bella, “We’ve been together for 5 minutes, lets get married.” JC, “My divorce hasn’t been finalized, I can’t.”

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  1. While I agree with Maria on the talent of the Bellas, and on the show they do come across as catty as hell, Maria’s tweets make her sound like a jealous b****. Oh and Congrats to my old associate Bryan, you landed the better of the twins.


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