Maria Kanellis Defends the Women of the WWE Divas Era, Says She Wants the Divas Title to Return in WWE


WWE star Maria Kanellis has been on the defensive as of late regarding the women of the WWE Divas era, as she posted a response to Charlotte Flair taking a shot at Carmella being a “Diva” in WWE on the August 14th episode of Smackdown Live. Kanellis posted the following on Instagram:

“Real Diva. Be careful disparaging the women that fought for what you are getting. Experience is more of a bitch then, entitlement ever will be. We were Divas for a reason. We had to be. We all matter in the marathon called the Evolution of Women Superstars. And it’s not over. I see you. I’m with you. We were in the trenches together in full makeup, dresses and heels everyday, every show. Still fighting with babies, careers, husbands, and a stigma. Is it better to fight for the system or the spot? Both. Love you. Together we push the system forward, apart we forget our past. Those that forget their past repeat it.”

Kanellis continued her defense of the WWE “Divas” of the past and said on Twitter that she would like to see the return of the Divas Title in WWE: