Maria Kanellis Says She’s Not a Failure After Leaving WWE


Maria Kanellis spoke to Diva-Dirt about how she is content with her current situation following her WWE career.

“I’m now happy to be moving forward with my life but I feel as if WWE fans aren’t ready for me to do so. They want to hear more about the Bella twins debacle. They want me to insult the girls that are on Total Divas. But, the truth is I have a lot more on my plate that what those chicks are up to or the happenings at WWE. Also, I don’t stay angry for that long. It’s bad karma and there are too many beautiful, positive people in my life to worry about the people that hurt me,” wrote Kanellis.

“I don’t know what the answer is to make people understand my main goal in life has nothing to do with twins or to make people understand LIFE is good even without WWE. I will tell you this: when fans tell me I failed, it saddens me. I am sure that so many former WWE wrestlers feel this exact way. Because our lives aren’t over. I’m not dead. And I most certainly am not a failure. What is so great about WWE? The fame? The money? Or the traveling around the world? I guess all of it is great but to me it was just five and a half years. To me it was not the greatest or the worst experience in my life. I’ve lived for 25 and a half years without WWE and I would like to live at least 70 more. So, in the grand scheme of things my time at WWE is just a fabliau in my life and to ruminate on it is to live in verisimilitude.”

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  1. Fabliau? Verisimilitude? Bet she looked those up so she could use big words and sound like a college girl!

  2. Obviously you know nothing about Maria, or you would know she is actually very intelligent and studied at NIU. Those might be big words for you but for many others it is not.

  3. She’s a sweet person but they treated her like an airhead in wwe. She’s a lot better off in ROH. Yeah she still gets used for looks but she’s also a crowd motivator and all around good sport. She makes ROH fun instead of hard to watch.

  4. Maria Kanellas clearly got screwed out of another stint with the WWE. I don’t know about her going to MIT, but she certainly deserved another shot at the big time. She was a solid worker, had a great attitude, and was very easy on the eyes.

  5. I love Maria Kanellis. She is so beautiful, so hot. Even though she is no longer in WWE I watch ROH just to see her. MIchael Bennet is a lucky man.(so we think) I would love to see her in TNA with Mike. The Bella twins and all those other knumb skull diva aint got nothing on Maria Kanellis.


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