Mark Haskins Talks Not Being Part Of NXT UK Or WOS, His Dream Opponent & Vicky Haskins Role


Top UK independent wrestling star, Mark Haskins recently spoke with regarding a range of topics, including not being part of NXT UK.

On not being involved with NXT UK or WOS:

“I think both company’s have an idea of what they’re looking for and that’s not us. We live in an age though where you can become a star without having to sign to a major organisation and that’s creatively refreshing. I feel like in a lot of cases Wrestling has become very repetitive and it could open up a new era of fans by doing something genuinely different to the norm. It just needs some one to push boundaries and try something new and everyone would realise they don’t need to get signed to a company to be a success.”

Having his partner, Vicky Haskins work with him:

“About 2-3 years ago. I’d been pushing for her to come into Progress 18 months before it actually happened. I think a lot of people don’t realise she’s been a manager for years, she knows what she’s doing and she got signed to FCW before it became NXT back in 2010. I think it was something that people would only understand once they’d seen it happen, and when it did people realised there was something there.”

His dream indie opponent:

“Penta El 0M. Rey Fenix would be another. There’s a lot of talents I want to tear it up with. WALTER also being one of them.”

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