Mark Henry Believes CM Punk Will Be Back in Pro Wrestling


WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently spoke on former Superstar CM Punk. Henry’s comments came during an episode of Sirius XM’s Busted Open, when he was asked if he thought The Second City Saint would ever be back in pro wrestling.

“I do and the biggest part of me saying that is that I know how much he loves wrestling. The issue with wrestling and Punk is that there are guys out there, in the wrestling world, outside the WWE at that time, like Colt Cabana, who is really, really good and who I like and I like to hear him on the microphone. I mean, there’s no weakness. And he (Punk) felt like ‘wow, that guy can’t get a shot?'”

Mark compared the situation to that of a basketball team, whose starting five should be better than the seven players sitting on the bench. Punk couldn’t understand why certain less deserving guys got a shot, while others, like Cabana, could not.

Henry was then asked whether he could sum up CM Punk as a talent in the ring and The World’s Strongest Man answered without hesitation.

“Punk was very competitive. He knew who was on the card. He did not want to have a match where ‘oh, we’re going to dumb it down because we should let them have the ring.’ That didn’t exist with CM Punk. Punk was like, ‘we’re gonna go out here and steal it.’

Punk is a coach, If he works with a guy that’s not as experienced as him, he’s gonna be like ‘open your ears, we’re gonna kill this.’ He gives you confidence in the ring.”

AEW fans are buzzing right now over the prospect of Punk making a surprise debut with the company at August 31’s All Out event. All Out takes place at the Sears Centre in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. But there has been no indication from AEW, or Punk, as to his involvement in the sold out event.