Mark Henry Believes Sam Roberts Owes Bianca Belair An Apology


WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry gave his take on Sam Roberts’ NXT Takeover Phoenix pre-show comments about Bianca Belair, stating Sam owes her an apology.

Roberts was incredibly critical of Belair during the pre-show, stating that she didn’t belong on the Takeover card and his comments caused quite the stir on social media. Henry spoke about the situation on Busted Open Radio at the weekend, giving his thoughts on the situation:

“I think Sam bumped his head, I thought that he is entitled to his opinion of she won’t win tonight or saying why she won’t win. But it was completely out of line for saying she wasn’t deserving, didn’t belong there, and that it’s a waste of a match. That, he owes her an apology for. You don’t owe me an apology, I can take it or leave it, but I did not agree that you say an opinion that is not justified by some evidence that says, okay, that’s necessary to say. He said something from opinion and thinking that he was right about Bianca not being deserving. If he had found that to be factual I would have had to accept it, but he didn’t bring any arguments for who should be in that spot in front of her. Sam, I know you’re going to hear this, you really should, on your show, give Bianca an apology because you were out of line.”

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