Mark Henry Comments on New WWE Deal, Disliking the Babyface Role & More


Mark Henry spoke with Jay Hohr about the lack of black WWE Champions in the WWE.

“You know what, I was champion. Ron Simmons was champion. As far as time, it takes a long time to know what I know. I think the time has just passed. We have to recruit. I’ve been working with talent development over the last two years now and we’re trying to hunt young, handsome, athletic, smart people. I probably should have said smart first because it’s a psychology driven business. You have to take people on that emotional ride. If you’re not smart enough to pull that crowd in and give them some swerves here or there, you can’t do this business. I’m one of the few that’s still able to work with anybody. I don’t have to talk to you. I’ll see you in the ring and it’s going to go down. People are going to leave there going man, I got my money’s worth. We don’t have a lot of that and just to be honest, a lot of the young, black kids that we’re recruiting make me feel good. We’re trying to recruit them, man and they’re playing football. They’re playing basketball. They’re on Olympic teams for different sports. It’s hard to get the cream of the crop.”

Herny commented on how he doesn’t want to be a babyface.

“Sometimes, like right now, if I have to smile and hug somebody one more time I’m going to throw up. In my heart of hearts, I want to put my foot in somebody’s throat and raise my hand and spit at people.”

Henry also revealed details of his new contract with the company.

“I signed a three year deal. [I’m going to be in the WWE] for at least three years. I got a raise and everything.”

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  1. Maybe Big E Langston can be WWE World Champion some day. This powerhouse is a great athlete with a lot of untapped potential. One day, if HHH allows it.


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