Mark Henry Documentary to Premiere Following WWE Elimination Chamber


WWE will air a documentary on the career of former World Heavyweight champion and Hall of Famer Mark Henry. The documentary will air on February 17 on the WWE Network, following the Elimination Chamber.

Henry came into the company with a powerlifting background of course and he used that reputation to his advantage. Henry’s moniker of “The World’s Strongest Man” was not just a nickname, but a title. Mark’s first fame came with The Nation of Domination in 1998 alongside The Rock.

He later went on to become one of the most entertaining Superstars in the company as “Sexual Chocolate,” a ladies’ man that always had a smile on his face. But of all the variations his character experienced in WWE, the best arguably came with The Hall of Pain.

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Mark Henry was a killer in the ring, using his unmatched power and aggression to become one of the most dominant forces in WWE. He kicked off that run with a World Championship victory over Randy Orton in 2011. Henry indeed moved up in the eyes of the fans with that win, which is a definite highlight of his pro wrestling career.