Mark Henry Talks Childhood Bullying & Fundraising Effort, Batista Movie Trailer, Amazing WWE Star Shake-Ups (Videos)


WWE has released the above video.

A sudden change to the WWE roster can shake things up for any Superstar. Here are 10 amazing moments triggered by the WWE Draft or Superstar Shake-ups.

Mark Henry Talks Childhood Bullying, Fundraising Effort

The Journal Gazette recently profiled WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry’s new effort to raise money for Fort Wayne Community Schools by donating sales from a new backpack effort.

The article includes a quote from Henry on being teased by his classmates at an early age due to his size, and below is what The World’s Strongest Man had to say:

“I was Magilla Gorilla, Fat Albert,” Henry said. “The only time I could see myself handling the situation was by pummeling the kids. I acted out and got in a lot of trouble, but luckily enough for me, my mom and grandma were solid human beings and they put me around people that got me involved in sports.”

Trailer for New Batista Movie

Below is the official trailer for “Hotel Artimus”, a new movie featuring former WWE Champion Dave “Batista” Bautista:

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