Marty Scurll Claims The Villain Is Back, PROGRESS In VR, Joe Hendry Wins Gold


After the recent tag team match between the Golden Lovers and Marty Scurll and Cody Rhodes, Scurll has claimed that The Villain is back.

Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi viciously hit the Golden Trigger on Scurll to end the match. Scurll commented how he has never picked a side between Omega and Cody Rhodes and didn’t ask for any of this. Scurll then simply stated that The Villain is back.

Experience PROGRESS In VR

Fans who are in attendance at today’s PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 64 event are in for a special treat with a Virtual Reality company in attendance. Fans are able to watch PROGRESS Wrestling in VR for the first time at the show.

Joe Hendry Wins Gold

British independent wrestler, Joe Hendry recently announced that he would be taking part in the Commonwealth Games as he continues his Amateur Wrestling career.

This weekend Hendry was involved in the 2018 Freestyle Wrestling English Championships and picked up a gold medal in his weight class as he continues to impress.