Masked Mania Headed To Traditional PPV + Lucha Libre


— The Masked Republic production of “Masked Mania,” which took place a few months ago at the former ECW Arena, will debut on traditional PPV in September. The show will be a two hour edited version of the event, and will be released with both Spanish and English commentary. More details as they become available.

— It was announced today, via press release, that the long rumored Lucha Libre show for the El Rey Network will debut on Wednesday October 8th. The press release had the following to say about the new show…

Long a fan of Lucha Libre, a Mexican franchise that has an 85% market share on television, El Rey is banking on American television viewers being drawn in by the high-flying antics and colorful world of freestyle wrestling. Each week “Lucha: Uprising” (WT) will bring drama, excitement and action as the masked heroes and villains battle it out in the ring for wrestling supremacy. The weekly, one-hour series from the producers One Three Media serves as a foundation for a new sports entertainment business, with which Burnett has partnered with El Rey Network, its founder, Robert Rodriguez, Lucha Libre AAA, FactoryMade Ventures and Antonio Cue Sanchez-Navarro.

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