Matt Bloom Discusses Why The NXT UK Talent Is So Special


WWE NXT Head Coach, Matt Bloom recently spoke with Sky Sports at the opening of the new UK Performance Center about the current NXT UK talent.

On why the UK talent is so special

“A lot of the top talent we have here I would say are wise beyond their years, it’s amazing for how long they have been working and how much they grasp in what we do, there is just so much talent here. I wasn’t very aware of frankly until I met Robbie Brookside and he started turning me on to this UK brand of wrestling and it’s an awesome thing to watch because they are so technically sound.”

On the UK talent developing their personalities:

“Now they are also picking up the presentation and personality aspect of it which is something that when I first started watching the English style of wrestling, it didn’t have a lot of that. Now I am seeing these men and women that are just blossoming and developing into these amazing stars and now we get these people who I think are stars and polish them up and make them prettier, shinier diamonds.”

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