Matt Hardy Claims “Pro Wrestling Industry Needs Impact Wrestling”, Praises Officials


While it’s unlikely that Matt Hardy remains a free agent for very long, the enigmatic wrestling veteran is using his time away from contract life to put over other promotions.

Hardy tweeted, “Very happy for and proud of the job Ed Nordholm, Scott D’Amore, Don Callis and their team and talents have done to rebrand and reshape Impact Wrestling into a great place for men and women to work and perform. Kudos! The pro wrestling industry needs [Impact Wrestling].”

Matt and his brother Jeff left Impact in early 2017, after the two sides failed to reach an agreement on a new deal. A legal battle escalated over the “Broken” gimmicks that the Hardys helped to create while there.

When we spoke to D’Amore at the 2019 Bound for Glory pay-per-view in Chicago, he was very complimentary of Matt and made it clear that both sides had worked hard to repair their relationship.

“I think one of the things that was important to us when we came in here and formed this new management team … was repairing relationships. Matt Hardy was one of those relationships that needed to be repaired; to respect Matt’s position and the history of this company, and it also – it sends a message that after some of the issues between Matt Hardy and the previous regime of Impact Wrestling, that the current regime lead by Ed Nordholm was different.”

“That’s why it was so cool to be able to put that to rest, and come to a conclusion to allow Matt to be happy and move on, and allow us to move on and show that Impact is a changed company. We’d be happy to work or collaborate with Matt on anything, whether it is him in the wrestling ring, or whether it’s him behind-the-scenes. Clearly he’s a guy that’s got passion and creativity, so no matter where he goes and what he does in wrestling, or otherwise, he’s going to succeed.”