Matt Hardy Doesn’t Believe Vince McMahon Understood The Woken Character


Former WWE Superstar, Matt Hardy recently spoke with Busted Open Radio where he discussed Vince McMahon and the Woken gimmick.

WWE created the gimmick for Matt to work with, and while he did get the opportunity to work a match at the Hardy Compound, the gimmick didn’t quite reach the point people thought it would.

Matt spoke openly about the situation, admitting that he doesn’t think Vince McMahon quite understood the gimmick and that it ended up being too comedic to be taken seriously.

“When we did Woken Matt Hardy, Vince initiated it because people wouldn’t stop chanting ‘Delete.’ He’d ask about it, we talked about it, and I wanted to do it,” Hardy recalled. “I think there’s a possibility of [Vince didn’t create it, so he doesn’t understand it]. But it’s also a different concept. I don’t think he fully understood it. He gave us an opportunity, but also giving us an opportunity, it allows him to say, ‘I gave him an opportunity, but it didn’t work huge’ It had to be done different. When we did the first vignette and we laughed at the very end, we ended up laughing every single week and there are times where there’s stuff that has to be serious and it can’t be humorous. There’s time where it can be dramatic or scary. You have to have all those elements to make some kind of odd-meta hack like this work. It ended up getting moved to too much of a ‘laugh at each other’ to really be brought in correctly by the WWE universe.”

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