Matt Hardy On Which WWE Tag Teams He Feels Have Big Futures Ahead


Matt Hardy is one of the most innovative WWE Superstars that has ever competed in Vince McMahon’s company. He and his brother Jeff were trendsetters when they first came through the business but it wasn’t until much later that fans realized just how creative Matt truly is.

The Broken/Woken characters showcased Matt Hardy’s imagination, as well as his fearlessness. His total reinvention could have failed and his personas would have become a major source of lost potential. But Matt’s enthusiasm for his new direction led pro wrestling fans on the journey with him.

Now that Matt has stepped away from the ring, he’s talking more about tag team wrestling, which of course put him on the map. Hardy was recently asked in an interview with Sporskeeda about which WWE teams he felt have a bright future in the company.

“I love The Revival. I’m a big fan of those guys. I wish we’d have got to work with them more, myself and Bray. But I think The Revival have a lot of potential. I hope they get utilized to the best of their potential. I like The Undisputed Era in NXT. I’ve worked with them in Ring of Honor before, so I like them a a lot.”

But when it comes to tag team wrestling, how does Matt Hardy feel about its level of importance in the industry today?

“Tag team wrestling is very important and it has to be promoted as such. It has to be given a platform and a stage to be treated right. When I started, Jeff and I, our dream was to one day become the WWE Tag Team champions. So tag team wrestling will always hold a special place in my heart. And so, I love it when tag team wrestling is utilized to the best of its ability.”

Matt is now behind the scenes in WWE. Though he has not officially retired from the business, he also has yet to get back into active competition.

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