Matt Hardy Provides Major Update On His Current Condition — “I’ll Be Back In Action Soon”


The latest on Matt Hardy appears to be, thankfully, some excellent news.

After quietly stepping away from the ring last August amid claims that his lower back was fusing with his pelvis, due to decades of taking bumps and numerous injuries throughout his career, it was unknown whether or not the Woken tag team legend would ever make his return to a wrestling ring.

During his time away Hardy reportedly worked as a backstage producer, learning other elements of the business while unable to compete physically. He even teased a run as RAW General Manager, while maintaining that whether or not he was able to compete in the ring, he would never fully retire from the wrestling business.

Earlier today in a response to WWE action figure supplier Ringside Collectibles, Hardy noted that “the latest version of Matt Hardy will be back in action on WWE soon…”

After a fan asked for further clarification about the health of his spine, the 10-time WWE tag team champion confirmed that has been “physically greenlit”, stressing that he has been “working his ass off” in rehabilitation. “My body is in the best shape it’s been in in years,” Hardy said. “I’m the lightest I’ve been in 20 years.”

Could we possibly be in store for a return of the Woken Warrior himself? Perhaps a surprise Royal Rumble appearance next Sunday in Phoenix?