Matt Hardy Responds To Fans, Randy Orton Deletes Enigma, Nikki & Birdie Watch Hell In A Cell


Last week WWE legend, Matt Hardy announced his retirement from wrestling and since then he has received plenty of messages from fans and fellow wrestlers.

Hardy took the time to thank anyone who called, texted or tweeted him about his career. Hardy stated that he greatly appreciates the kind words and support, which has filled him with warmth and happiness.

Randy Orton Deletes Enigma

Last night Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy in a bloody and brutal Hell In A Cell match and the Viper posted an image from the show simply stating, “Enigma deleted.”

Nikki & Birdie Watch Hell In A Cell

Nikki Bella was with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s daughter, Birdie Danielson last night as the pair of them watched Hell In A Cell together dressed in Bryan’s shirt.