Matt Hardy Talks About Working Against The Undertaker, Attitude Stars Taking Top Spots, More


WWE legend Matt Hardy recently spoke with Jim Ross for his podcast, discussing Attitude Era stars taking top spots on today’s shows.

On old wrestlers taking top spots:

“I think the majority of the people that are there are taught to survive. You have to look at it as a business and when it’s all said and done it will be good for business. There is going to be the frustrated internet fan and I get that, there is nothing wrong with it, but when I came back to WWE and I was white hot and I got recognised so much more because WWE is that powerful. I admit it’s not perfect but Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Kurt, it’s good. Old Attitude Era fans will tune back in, if the young people are smart they will learn from them and hopefully, they will be on the same shows and get more eyeballs.”

Learning from The Undertaker:

“I was lucky and blessed to work with The Undertaker quite a bit when I was Matt Hardy version one as he feuded with Brock Lesnar. I was like Lesnar’s go-to guy and they used me a little bit and got to work with ‘Taker and learned a ton from him. He’s a brilliant wrestling mind who has a really interesting perspective on things.”

On his upcoming Halloween special:

“I am extremely excited for the House Hardy Halloween special that is going to air on the WWE Network. It will be the first ever, we are calling over all of our friends, young and old to the dome of Deletion for a special Halloween ball and you will get to visit lots of House Hardy places and we will interact with Smokin Joe Fraser who is a Kangaroo. There will be many things going on and I have it on cast iron intel that there is a dark force trying to procure the magic of House Hardy.”

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