Matt Hardy Thanks WWE Fans for The Hardy Boyz’ SmackDown Tag Title Win


The Hardy Boyz are the new SmackDown Tag Team champions and Matt Hardy is directly thanking the WWE fans for the win.

That win came on the SmackDown following WrestleMania 35, where fans believed Matt and Jeff should’ve faced The Usos for the championships But that title defense included Rusev and Nakamura, The Bar and Aleister Black and Ricochet.

But even though The Hardy Boyz did not get the nod at Mania, Matt pointed out that was not the end.

“We weren’t’ in the match, but that’s okay, it’s cool, we understood that and we were okay with that. But you, the professional wrestling fan, you bombarded WWE social media. You said, ‘we want to see The Hardy Boyz versus The Usos, that’s the dream match we want to see! ‘

Because you were so outspoken, the powers that be at WWE, they listened to you, your voices were heard. They did this thing for real. They actually made you the Authority on this occasion. The reason Matt and Jeff faced Jimmy and Jey was because of you, because of your outpouring of support on social media.”

If Matt is correct in his assertion that WWE stepped up because of the fans, it definitely would not be the first time. The most recent example would obviously be Becky Lynch, who was reportedly not originally factored into WWE’s main event plans for WrestleMania. 

But because The Man’s popularity exploded in the latter half of 2018, she was included in the historic last match between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. Now Lynch is both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s champion.

Matt also commented during the video that he hopes The Hardyz or The Usos  do not get traded to Raw in WWE’s Superstar Shake-Up scheduled to take place on April 15. That’s because he and Jeff want to continue working against Jimmy and Jey, which is a sentiment that many WWE fans are surely echoing now.