Matt Hardy Wants The Young Bucks At Starrcade


As previously noted, WWE is resurrecting the Starrcade pay-per-view this coming November, as the classic WCW event will return on November 25.

After hearing the news, Cody Rhodes asked WWE producer Michael Hayes to book Goldust on the show. Hayes then asked Rhodes to team up with his brother on November 25.

Then, in response to the Hayes/Cody conversation, Matt Hardy said that he’d love for Cody to bring Matt and Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) to the event with him if he shows up.



  • Anonymous

    Yass! Broken Matt Hardy (and the nefarious Brother Nero?), accompanied by King Maxel, Queen Reby, Senior Benjamin (and Vanguard 1?) against the Bucks of Youth at Starrcade. It will be DELIGHTFUL!

  • Anonymous

    Nice. Starcade. Couldn’t we get halloween havic.