Matt Hardy’s Debut Had To Be Re-Shot During AEW Dynamite


According to the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Matt Hardy’s debut on last week’s AEW Dynamite had to be re-shot. The segment was originally filmed on Tuesday night, but Chris Jericho took issue with how the segment turned out. Jericho confirmed on a live stream that the original plan was to re-shoot the segment before AEW Dynamite aired, but the sun had yet to set, which would cause continuity issues.

Transcription via Wrestling INC.

“They filmed it the night before … they filmed one version of it and I wasn’t there,” Jericho said. “And it we get into Wednesday and I didn’t really like the way that it turned out, it wasn’t my vision, really. So, we said, ‘Let’s do it again Wednesday,’ and we’ll do it right before the show starts.’ Keep in mind, there’s nobody coming into the venue. We thought we’d film this at 8, but the problem was the sun hadn’t gone down yet, so it was still fairly light inside the venue.”

The solution was to air a pre-taped match between Darby Allin & Kip Sabian, during which the entire crew re-shot the segment in roughly 15 minutes. The segment was then rushed through post-production to air at the end of the night.