Matt Striker Involved in Backstage Altercation Over the Weekend

Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible appeared steamed with Matt Striker following their match for the New York Wrestling Connection on Saturday in Deer Park, New York.

The two former WWE Superstars engaged in a scientific match featuring a storyline where if Credible cleanly defeated Striker (who portrayed the heel), they would tangle in a hardcore match next month. Following Striker’s loss, the former WWE announcer struck Credible, causing him to bleed. Following the bout, Striker attempted to apologize backstage, but Credible fired back profanities and stormed away.

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  • Ralph Ramos

    Just Not Incredible acted like a 12 year old and threw a hissy, not realizing that sometimes you have to take a little extra punishment because it comes with the territory. Its the nature of the beast. When a mature educated well- mannered man offered his sincere apologies, he chose to act like an immature idiot. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.